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Thursday, March 1, 2012

3 Surprising Habits to get a Flatter Tummy

Hi beautiful Angels!  An invitation to you to pop on over to the gorgeous site, MindBodyGreen, sometime- or right now!  I'm so excited to announce I'll be writing for them regularly and my article, 

3 Surprising Habits That Flatten Your Tummy, has just been published.  I think you'll be relieved and excited by the holistic ways I share to scare off the dreaded "belly fat"- and help you have a more toned tummy by the warm-weather season!

By the way... just quietly, I've launched our new website- the gorgeous "Eating with Angels".  Please check it out and tell me what you think!

with love,

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have always wanted to feel the spirit of New Orleans... and we'll be there this weekend!  One of the Law of Attraction tips in my next newsletter is how to make your holiday fantasies- realities!  Receive it here!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Avocados, Bastards and Turtle Cheesecake

did you have a beautiful lover's day, Angels?

I was thinking about you all day but donated the broadband cord (no wifi here) to Husby as a gift. He sweetly took the day off to spend it with me and as he's flying this morning it's my chance to pop on and discover what You got up to on Valentine's?!!

ALSO I couldn't wait to share this video with you.   Having spent most of my time in the states before in NYC and Boston, the business of EATING is a real eye-opener down here in Florida. I appreciate seeing first hand the challenges we discuss in my curriculum at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and this sweet little video highlights the changes the school supports and much of what we believe in as students.

On our Valentine's we took a short ride to the beach (my choice of destination:  Cocoa Beach pier) a little touristy and run-down, but so salty and authentic, it felt like stepping back in time.
cocoa beach pier tiki bar

Chocolate turtle cheesecake!
We super-indulged; I actually ate the seasoned fries on my plate, and for once we had dessert- a Cheesecake sampler,(selection of three cheesecake slices).   My favourite was the Chocolate turtle cheesecake laced with caramel and walnuts.
(probably very naughty of me to post that recipe link there for you ;)

I've never in my life before heard of turtle cheesecake which means far too many years not knowing this decadent treat!

It's certainly a once-a-year special dish.  you read it here.

Back at the estazia last night, I was as "full as a goog"! as we say down under (goog = egg), only did a few yoga stretches instead of the 12 bastards - that's what they are called, REALLY, I promise you- I've been doing all Jan and Feb thanks to Men's Health magazine challenge.  I admired so much Husby doing 25 pushups.  He hasn't done a Bastard yet, though ;)  

Back to healthy, this morning I had my first cup EVER of Kombucha green tea, via Yogi teas.  It was absolutely delicious and I can now fully appreciate the fascination and fan base Kombucha has, even though mine was only made from a tea bag and many inspiring fellow coaches brew their own!

 Breakfast= also a whole fresh avocado chopped into a bowlful of green leaves- baby spinach and mixed lettuces.

Confession:  A year ago I could not eat avocado, i considered it such a high calorie food with what I thought to be zero taste.   

 Just another brilliant tiny, life-changing adjustment the year of training as a Holistic Health Counselor has given me.  I now even crave the creamy, sweet chewy flesh- it seems to go especially well with baby spinach and a squirt of lemon juice- and appreciate it's jam-packed with antioxidants, fat-soluble vitamins, fibre and plant fatty acids not only beneficial for heart health... but unbeatable for great skin, and a satiated feeling.

Finally this morning so far :)), intead of jumping on the laptop as soon as Husby walked out the door, and dangerously delaying my exercise (dangerous, you'll know, because life has a funny way of jumping in and hijacking you as the day wears on!) I laced up my Nikes straight away and did a few laps of the compound, ending with a lovely chat to a curious squirrel.  Yet another beautiful occurrence which is everyday living in the sunshine state, and which I am loving so much!

But back to you, Angels.  How did you celebrate Valentine's?  I'd love to know!

love to you yesterday, today and always,


"You are beautiful, and loved more than you know."

cocoa beach pier

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some warmth for the weekend! +Vitamin D & Massage

Happy weekend, lovelies!

we found Oranges by the side of the road and added them to our delicious store of Florida winter fruits...
I'm sitting here in my swimming costume here in Cocoa beach, Florida, as raindrops pitter-patter on palm leaves. I feel so blessed for the first time in months to drink in the fresh smell of green humid air and remembering the kisses of sunshine enjoyed over the past week.

Here's an article I know you'll enjoy which so clearly shows what many of us- whether we're athletes or wellness practitioners- have trouble explaining- how massage makes tired muscles feel better.  Just an aside... biology geeks at heart, as husby and I drive around the sunshine state, I'm hanging out the windows shouting, "Bougainvillea!  Hibiscus!" as he's leaning out the other window shouting, "Buzzard!  Bald-headed eagle!" (birds his specialty, lol)  There's alot of biology happening as we release pain through massage and it can even explain how when we bump ourselves, rubbing it can feel better.

Do you find it easier to be healthy when it's warmer?  Perhaps it's wearing less clothes that makes us more conscious of our bodies; or that the warmer air encourages us to drink more liquids; or that the warm-weather selection of fruits and vegetables are so much more tempting than their winter cousins.  For me, the answer is YES.

Feeling the healing power, I encourage you to be warm this weekend! 

How, in a cold climate? A few simple ways:   

  1. Turning up the heating, whilst not the most enviro-friendly recommendation, is often good for the body and the smiling spirit of the soul.  
  2. Place a glass or ceramic dish of water, perhaps with a few drops of essential oils such as orange and eucalyptus for their uplifting, refreshing scents, in front or on top of the heating to humidify the air which is often as dry as it is cold on frosty days.
  3. Invite someone you'd like to get to know better to share the healing power of massage.  Even a hand or foot massage is hugely beneficial to stimulate circulation which releases stagnant energy and gets toxins moving out of your system!

And if you are in a warmer climate like me, go outside and soak up some sunshine.  15 minutes a day of exposure to a major body area like the arms, legs or back absorbs the vitamin D we need for body balance.  Are you tempted to supplement, having heard that vitamin D deficiency, common in cold dark climates, worsens auto-immune symptoms and can cause depression ?  Please read this helpul article first by Dr Mercola!

warmly yours,


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Are you ready for true love in 2012? Feng Shui can help.

You may agree... there is nothing as potent as shaping our emotions- and our life- than the presence, or lack, of LOVE in our lives.

Do you remember what it's like to be in love, angel? 

If that's gone cold... would you like to feel that way again?
What does 2012 hold for you in Love & Relationships?  Make sure you have  luck for love in your home!

Sign up before Valentines Day, Feb 14th, to receive the 3 free must-do's your home needs to welcome love or more relationship balance in 2012.

  (: they are F*R*E*E :)

I really, really want you to put these recommendations in place and live the love you dream about.  
It's a bit like- You deserve the relationship you dream of.  It's time to let it in.  And I don't want any energies to stop you!

"Feng Shui is a little like home insurance.  It's that peace of mind to know that you are protected from unexpected energetic factors.

have you experienced the harmonious power of feng shui yourself?  I'm interested to know... please leave a comment below!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Eating a cheaper Rainbow- outside the Kitchen

Yesterday I was excited to share with you WHAT to make and HOW to use more fruits and veg to make sure unlike many families as prices hike, you're not the Mum that compromises her family's health by leaving out this goodness.  (I was shocked at the statistics!)

And since that post I've had some lovely colleagues sharing their ways of enjoying a maximum amount of fruit and vegetables on a low-cost budget.

Because many brought up simple and tasty ideas such as freezing individual portions of delicious dishes bursting with Rainbow produce, it got me thinking of not just WHAT to make on a budget, but HOW to save money in the purchase & distribution of the delicious Rainbow you want your family to eat!

So below you'll find a few more suggestions before the delicious cheap Rainbow meals are even being gobbled on the plates you serve.  

1.  Farmer's markets offer their best seasonal produce, often grown without pesticides and locally.  If you're not already a regular, you'll be pleased at how cost-effective local veg can be!

2.  Is your family too small for a home-delivered box of veg offered by your local farm or market?  Consider splitting a box with a neighbour or cooking up vegetable dishes in double quantities other families might give you a contribution towards!  sharing the love...

3.  Compare prices online to find the best stores offering fresh produce cheaply.  Here's such a tool.

4.  It's recognised our fresh produce isn't going to get any cheaper as the world population grows and new demands are placed for crops grown for fuel, instead of food.  So make it a goal in 2012 to begin to grow your own.  If you don't have a garden, consider window boxes, vertical window gardens, getting on the list for an allotment or volunteering to plant a friend's garden in return for some spoils!

5.  Buy loose.  It may sound obvious that pre-sliced onion, grated carrot or diced vegetables in bags cost more, but even netted bags of oranges and bagged-up potatoes can be priced up to 30% more per pound depending on where you shop!  Retailers take advantage of the fact that we are short on time and enjoy convenience, and place the pre-packaged items at eyeline & within easy reach.  Case in point: at my local shop yesterday I saved 70p just by selecting my own chestnut mushrooms rather than reaching for the plastic covered punnet!

6.  And lastly, the Rainbow of fruits and vegetables are just that- Fruits and Vegetables.  Whether it's Harris Farm Market in Australia, Trader Joes in America, and some independent stores in the UK plus Whole Foods, specialty Fruit & Veg providores all over the world also offer a bounty of other temptations that wave the banner "Healthy!".  Mixed nut bags, carob and yoghurt coated things, fruit bars, meat jerkys, confectionery, vegie crisps, bakery items from fresh to imported and gluten-free... these aren't part of the Rainbow and including them in your shopping basket will quickly blow your budget.

And remember a few key words: 
Fresh (or fresh-frozen).  Seasonal.  Local & Organic.  
Buy in bulk; use a variety of ways; freeze, and share! 

I wish you deliciously healthy living at a very happy price for your budget! 

P.S.  make sure you're on my list to receive delicious healthy lighter life tips and how to live to feel enegetically fresh all year... be my VIP, free to join here. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

30 ways to eat a cheaper Rainbow

 A new survey shows that rising food costs in the UK have reduced purchase and consumption of fruits and vegetables by 30% in three years... with many poorer families only eating on average 2.7 portions per day. 
We all love to budget wisely, don't we?  When summer fruits jump in price during the cooler months it can be tempting to grab that £1 Aunt Bessie's family size apple crumble, fibbing to ourselves that it's mostly fruit and it's a warming healthy choice.  No, it's not.  It's a sugar-laden processed excuse that contributes nothing to our long-term health or training of healthy, happy tastebuds of our families.  

Here I'll show you LOTS of easy ways & ideas to Eat your rainbow; cheaper and more pleasurably!
  1.  Frozen and tetra-packed pure fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious as fresh.  Whilst we're talking about frozen desserts, do pick up a frozen bag of mixed berries.  One of nature's natural superfoods, blueberries and their siblings are a storehouse of nutrients and deliciously healthy phytochemicals which boost and protect our immune system.  The beauty of frozen fruits and vegetables is how long they last, which stretches their value financially out, too! 
  2. Priceless family times happen in the kitchen, so cook your own comfort food  A kitchen warmed by the glow of the oven and everyone mucking in with the preparation - and cleaning up!- creates a cosy family meal to remember.  Here are some cost-effective ideas for Rainbow meals:
  3. Mac-Off!  Swap the stodge for just as comforting Cauliflower & Cheese.  It's a rainbow too, when we can use purple and green caulis (natural hybrids).  Mix in a cup of grated carrot and dot with cherry tomatoes for a colourful, creamy treat!
  4. Ratatouille, made with the rainbow of red tomatoes, orange & yellow bell peppers, green courgette and purple aubergine
  5. Multi-coloured world of different textures:  just think of a lovely green vegetable that is sooo good for us and kind on the wallet too.   Loved by adults and children alike, it's the garden pea.  Frozen they can be blended into a deliciously filling fresh soup using vegetable bouillion and unsweetened pumpkin puree, seasoned with herbs and pepper.  
  6. Added to salads they add a sweet bite; stirred into rice they add pretty contrast and children love to mix them into mashed sweet or plain potatoes.
  7. Speaking of mash, what about using the same vegetable or fruit in a variety of new, clever ways?  Instead of mashed potato, have you tried the British favourite, mashed swede & carrot ?  
  8. What about mashed cheap n cheerful celeriac, loved by the Irish, or champ- spring onions or leeks mixed with mashed potato?  
  9. Pureed fruits with bruised skin can make popsicles or stirred into unsweetened yoghurt for a healthy, colourful pudding.  
  10. Diced apples and pears are delicious in a salad (add nuts too for a satisfying winter meal)
  11. For a really special treat, have a fondue evening using a Rainbow plate of vegetables for main course, and fruits for dessert!
  12. Experiment:  Children can select a different veg to add to the Rainbow each week.  If you're clever enough to substitute this for a sweet purchase, there's no end to the fun you can have matching colours & it'll save you money!  
  13. Button yellow squash is probably cheaper than a "banana flavoured" icecream as a treat, a red pomegranate tastier and more fun than a toffee apple, and making sliced beets from scratch so much more satisfying than scoffing a calorie-laden, chemically loaded chocolate pudding!
  14. Remember our dried Rainbow friends for a burst of sweetness!  Leftover or freshly-steamed rice becomes something special, like a Pilaf, when we blend favourite spices such as tumeric with sultanas, dessicated coconut and chopped dried apricots.  
  15. A squeeze of  from a fresh lemon or lime also lends brightness and a shot of vitamin C, and leftovers can be sliced and used in tea or water as a refreshing healthy drink.  
  16. Dried fruits can last for months or enjoyed instead of sweets as a high-energy snack
  17. Herbs can be a rainbow, too, and here are ways to work them into your budget!  Use rosemary stalks as kebab sticks for other veggies and enjoy the fragrant petals they'll add to the food- rosemary is a common plant in many places and picking a little of mother nature's bounty may cost you nothing at all!
  18. Re:  buying fresh herbs.  This can seem costly when you only need a little but consider the versatility of a bunch of basil, which is well-known for it's astringent & healing properties, full of vitamin C and anti-oxidants.  For instance, you can:
  19. Whiz up your own pesto with two handfuls of leaves + pinenuts
  20. Layer the larger leaves with tomatoes and soft cheese cut into discs to make "insalata caprese"
  21. Tear and add to puree tomato for a healthier sauce as a base for chilli, ratatouille or home-made pizza
  22. Fold into dough with olives to make an italian scented ciabatta
  23. Add the larger leaves to a warming thai coconut curry and garnish with the smaller
  24. Parsley, especially the flat-leaved variety is just as versatile; it's fresh taste brings life to any dish and just a handful is classed as one of our 5 per day.  
  25. Add as much as you like to green smoothies and fresh soups
  26. Keep the remains of the bunch on the table in a tall glass for family members to nibble on as a snack throughout the day.  Trust me, it's addictive!
  27. One more herb well worth the cost is Coriander or Cilantro.  
  28. With a little planning you'll find uses for this nutrition-packed herb abundant: as a carrot & coriander soup; in warming mexican-inspired chilli or bean bakes; in a fresh salsa blended with tomatoes & onion or chopped finely and sprinkled over salads or guacamole.
  29. Lastly, whatever time of year you'd like to feed your family healthier on a budget, think to include the exotic Rainbow in jars.  
  30. A few drained sundried tomatoes or olives, sliced pickled beetroot, pickles or artichokes, a handful of caper berries or dried mushrooms added to a dish will turn an ordinary vegetable dish into something singing with flavour!

Who says you can't feed your family deliciously well on a budget?  Just remember to buy the freshest, most local or organic produce you can, making sure variety and seasonality are at the top of your shopping list, and you'll have the healthiest, brightest bounty on a budget than ever before!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tune into the heavens for marvellous guidance this weekend

Dear Angels,

It's one of the most positive-energy weekends of the Year!

The Capricorn/Aquarius new moon placement in the skies is known as "An Angel Carrying a Harp"  It's a time when we are invited by the sensitive, all-loving, gently guiding energy of the Angelic realm to follow our spiritual path for an abundant & joyful life.

"Expect a spiritual click where everything seems to fall into place.  You'll more fully see how your presence and purpose can flow into your activities and feel calmer ad clearer about achieving your goals."
Find out more about this fascinating time which will be most strongly felt on Sunday,  here.  Li Fan Photography

Further we welcome the Year of the Dragon as the new moon enters on Monday.  The Dragon's power energy of change, celebration, and exuberent optimism will feel like a Whoooosh! of fresh air.  For many it will bring about a serious Aha! moment and you'll be off and jogging your blessed path this year!

Expect a spiritual click where everything seems to fall into place.  You'll more fully see how your presence and purpose can flow into your activities and feel calmer ad clearer about achieving your goals.

At this time the angels are calling you.  You can more easily access their guidance.  Especially Sunday is a day for spending quiet time in meditation, in a bubble bath, journalling or day-dreaming.  You will receive messages if you do this.  The angels have assured me!

Often we are also drawn to what I like to call our earthly angelic friends- Crystals.  Their energies are very similar to the angelic realm but more tangibly, they give us something to "hold on to" and travel with.  

If you would like to dedicate a crystal at this time to helping you on your journey this year, or to place in your home for cleansing, blessing and protection (EXTREMELY AUSPICIOUS at Chinese New Year),

I have a Crystal Energy Ritual for you to use.  It' easy and it's free to to those on my feng shui list.  If you are not already on the list, you can add your name here, and I'll send it to you!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Natural & Lucky foods for Chinese New Year

1.  Rice, of course!- representing prosperity and fertility; to eat rice every year is considered to advance one to the highest level of promotion.

tip:  try the deliciously nutty taste of brown rice, and add colour with Wild rice.  Rice is gluten-free, and suitable for coeliacs.

2.  Fish
The word for fish, "Yu", sounds like Wish and Abundance!  It's customary to serve a fish whole at Chinese new year, and for guests to help themselvs to the gleaming, healthy dish.  James Duigan, author of the Clean and Lean diet, reckons grilled fish and salad is the healthiest meal one can have.  James, if it works for your best client Elle (Macpherson), we'll be eating it every day this year!

tip:  Check out the impact of the fish you prefer to purchase, on a website such as Seafood Watch (in the US), Sustainable Seafood (in Australia) or Fish Online (in the UK)

3.  Eggs
The round shape symbolises family reunion and prosperity.

tip:  did you know free range and organic eggs contain up to three times as much heart-helper Omega 3 than regular eggs?  Read your egg-box and reap better health for you and your family!

4.  An abundance of greens
Lettuce (with food wrapped inside it= having a child soon!) meaning abundance of good fortune, and sea vegetables, symbolising and bringing prosperity, are wonderful foods to welcome luck at Chinese New Year.

tip:  ext time you make a chilli, swap the tortillas or taco shells for delicious large lettuce or cabbage leaves.  the freshness really allows your flavours to shine through!

5.  Oranges
the words for Orange and tangerine sound like Luck" and "Wealth" to the Chinese, so it is a tradition that these fruit are freely exchanged, given to neighbours and friends.

tip:  A beautiful and abundantly decadent recipe using small oranges or clementines is "Poached Clementines " ; sticky-sweet grown-up dessert served with vanilla ice-cream or coconut ice.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
wishing you delicious and auspicious Year of the Dragon, commencing this weekend!
What's your favourite recipe using one of the above?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A baker's dozen of balance & beauty

13 ways to beautify & balance your life in 2012
(I call it our feng shui baker's dozen!)
i'm up for the challenge ~join me?

January~  bring down the festive decorations, leaving a set of twinkly lights up to warm and cheer you on the dark days.
pic from gorgeous blog "Cecilia's in Reading"

February~  throw out any chipped plates or higgedly-piggeldy crockery bits.  Get yourself a beautiful mug to encourage everyday elegant comfort.

March~  wash your windows with vinegar and water to let the light in.  Spritz through your home with essential oils dissolved in spring water to oust old energy.

April~  bring in some potted herbs to the kitchen and experiment with their delicious, fresh tastes.

May~  Hang a windchime outside your window to catch the breeze and make you smile.

June~  pop on your summery bedspread, and re-arrange your bedroom for a fresh holiday feeling.

pic from "sussex sea"
July~  Go barefoot- many times.  Visit the sea.

August~  Learn something new, and share it.  A joke.  A handstand.  Craft.  A poem.

September~  Go somewhere you've never been before.  Count the butterflies you see.

October~  Bake a new cake.  Get great at it.  Give it away.  Often.

November~  Wear a cosy hat.  Climb a big hill.

December~  Cook for friends, and let them cook for you.  Share the leftovers.

January~  Make friends with a new animal.  Stargaze.
why, it's the owl and the pussycat!  image from somewhere i did not note, je m'excuse...

Monthly challenge~  Discover someone's dream.  Help to make it come true.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Health & Wealth for your home in 2012- FREE Feng Shui

dear friends,

I would like to invite you to a teleseminar/call on SUNDAY 15th JAN

where I'll be sharing with You the most important Flying Star feng shui changes for this coming year, 2012- Year of the Dragon.

The call is at 10.30am EST
3.30pm UK (gmt)
6.30pm Middle East time

and the recording will be sent to all subscribers and anyone who emails me to angels (at) with "recording please" in the subject line.

The call is absolutely FREE.  I really do encourage you to please get this important information.

What is Flying Star feng shui?
Flying Star feng shui is one of the most advanced and sensitive schools of Feng Shui.  It is time-oriented feng shui and it's application offers amazing protection from the negative places in our environments which change each year, along with the opportunity to harness the areas which offer great luck and energy.  
Each first day of Spring in the Chinese almanac the energies in a space "fly" and create a new series of events for that year ahead.

In 2012 there is great chance to protect against robbery and burglary.
There is danger of accident by metal in one area which needs protecting against and more happily, a great chance to create love and abundance through your creativity!

I know you care about your own health and that of your family, and if you believe, as I do, that our environment makes SUCH a difference to our wellbeing... if you would like to know the universe is supporting you this year and evade any ill-health or accidents-  DO send me a message or dial-in to hear the half-hour call!

Telephone or Skype this US number:  (724) 444-7444      

The call ID (like, a "pin") is:  117020

And I'll meet you there!

in advance, Gong Xi Fa Cai... and here's to your strong health, happiness and true ABUNDANCE this year!

much love,


“Samantha first came into my life when I was selling property. She gave expert Feng Shui advice on how to present the home which resulted in a great sale. Then Samantha assisted in the purchase of my next property - advising which directions would work best for a harmonious home environment. After undertaking a thorough study and writing a full and detailed report of the house I now live in, Samantha's parting words were that this would be "the house of happy coincidences". And it really has. Samantha has so many talents - her spiritual readings and guidance (face to face and via email) are full of wisdom and loving kindness and have proven to be 100% accurate. She is a true expert in her field and is an absolutely delightful being.” - Jennie Smiedt, Sydney, Australia.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finding What was Lost

"My angels are old women with dark skin and long grey hair. Some have eyes of light. The eyes of others are bottomless pools of darkness that lead to inner worlds. They have come to me in my dreams for years. In that time of forsaking myself it took them a couple of years to get one clear message through the fog of my disorientation. When I finally heard them, I was startled.

“Get out of here now!” they whispered. “Wake up! Your house is on fire.”

And I awoke in a smoke-filled dream and finally moved to save my life.
I am making my way back to all I ever wanted with my whole being: God, the awareness that is in all things. Back to the kiss I wanted with my whole life, the scent of what has always been home, the Sacred Mystery."
-excerpt from Oriah Mountain Dreamer's, "Finding what was lost"

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our first Full Moon of 2012- tomorrow

Tomorrow's Full Moon- the Wolf Moon- brings us to a powerful pause in our beautiful manifestations this year.

We get a chance to push the pause button.  Do you get that?
It's our chance to go back to those lucid days just before and after Christmas, when time was a little bit softer, like icing not yet set on a cake, we could prod it see if it made sense.

Sunday. Monday.  Prod your new year.  Your dreams and desires.  See if they make sense.

The Wolf moon is so named because at this lean, hungry time in the history of the native american indians, the wolves would come close to the campsites and howl at the full moon.  It must have been a fearful time for them.  Yet also, strangely comforting.  Mammals drawing close for warmth, acknowledging a force neither of them understood.  The Moon still controls our tides, the efficacy of our medicines, our womanly cycle.  Do we understand it?  No.  By watching, observing, waiting, we can learn.

The appearance, presence or memory of Wolf as an animal in your life is recognised to bestow upon you the gift of teacher of spirit.

I invite you.
Examine how the medicine of the Wolf relates to you at this time.  How do you need to share your gift of the sacred and the spiritual with your pack?  What do you see, that they don't?  What must be said, for your peace and their protection?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter Cravings & how a Highly Sensitive Person can handle them

Do you have a strong sense of intuition?

Do you also have a problem with eating- like strong cravings, compulsive or over-eating... especially during the winter months?

Believe it or not... (and I'm sure you will at some level)  these two questions are linked.  And if you answered "yes" to both, you're definitely not alone.  

"As a flight attendant, before I realised I was "picking up" all my passengers' worries of flying, I would come home from a shift and eat a whole box of breakfast cereal.  I found the sweetness and crunchiness soothed the angst I was feeling, seemingly from nowhere. "

Our six senses pick up on the extra information in the world around us that less sensitive individuals remain unaware of- information including premonitions, hunches, or emotions from others around us.

This information isn't easily processed by our rational brains.  We're not wired in the way that interprets touching a hot stove as- ouch!  danger!  burnies!  

It's like we are babies again who don't know why they are upset.  When we pick up information we subconsciously realise as important, but don't have the ability to "translate"- it, as babies we cried.  As adults, we just feel bad, or sad.

Often, people turn to food when they are feeling depressed.  Why?  Mental health professionals say we want to "squash down" our emotions or "fill the emotional emptiness".  There's also a biochemical reason.  Eating, especially eating carbohydrates, raises the seratonin levels in our body.  

Seratonin is the feel-good hormone produced by the consumption of carbohydrates.  What is it you crave when you're feeling down?  Chips?  Bread?  Cakes?  Cookies?  Donuts?  Sweets?  If so, you're responding to your body's natural desire to feel good.

So, why more in winter?  Sunlight also stimulates the production of seratonin in the brain- which is why going outside in the sunshine is a valuable remedy to feeling sad.  If we've not got the sunshine, we may try to elevate our body's seratonin levels by over-eating starchy carbs like those above.

It helps to realise that the feelings you can't communicate when you head to the cookie jar may not have anything to do with you at all.  Perhaps your sister or husband are in a glum mood or worried about something, ad you've just picked up on it.  As a flight attendant, before I realise I was "picking up" all my passengers worries of flying, I would come home from a shift and eat a whole box of breakfast cereal.  I found the sweetness and crunchiness soothed the angst I was feeling, seemingly from nowhere.  I'd had a great day flying, so why the sadness?  It was all the energy of others still clinging to me like psychic rubbish that it was, bringing me down.

'There are many supportive practices healthy, successful artists and intuitives weave into their every day to keep happy and helpful...'

How to handle winter cravings.

If you eat to feel better, and if you consistently do feel bad or sad for no good reason, I recommend you do two things. 

1.  You can't back out of your high level of intuition.  Each gift is a curse in a way!  So you must use techniques to get rid of the psychic rubbish you will inevitably pick up.  Try one or all of these:
  • Change or brush down your clothes and brush your hair after you have been in contact with someone who is in an extreme negative mood- such as anger, worry, fear or depression.  This is so important if you come home from a day at work surrounded by such people.  Have a bath or shower and change your clothes BEFORE  putting any food in your mouth!!
  • Spritz the room or around yourself with a blend of essential oils mixed with spring water.  Lavender + lemon + cedarwood are my favourites for the calming, refreshing and change-manifest qualities they represent.
  • Carry a quartz crystal and use it as a touchstone- hold it and ask it to take any energy you have picked up on that you do not need, from you. 

2.  Do your body and health a favour by naturally raising your seratonin levels healthfully, without the negative effects (sugar highs and lows, weight gain, increased risk of disease and mood swings) of stodgy carbohydrates- here's how! 

  • Eat coriander, eggs, turkey, and avocados regularly- these contain the amino acid tryptophan used by the body to make seratonin
  • Expose yourself daily to sunshine, especially in the winter.  Ten minutes a day is enough!
  • Chew your food slowly (increases seratonin)
  • Vitamin B and B6 supplements can be helpful
  • Avoid artificial sweeetners which slow the production of seratonin 

You CAN be a sensitive, intuitive soul without taking it out on your body.  There are many supportive practices healthy, successful artists and intuitives weave into their every day to keep happy and helpful.  Underpinning it all is the nourishing diet that is just right for you.  Have you found it yet?  Contact me and let's get started.

1.  Marisa Peer's 'You can be thin', Sphere 2008.

belongs to the beautiful artist Yee Von Chan

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Norway for new year? No, it's Your Way.

Hello beautifuls,

Happy Twixmas!  Are you finding it difficult?   Lots of us come down with a bump when dreams of bestest presents, happy families, quality conversation and even good weather expectations wouldn't, just couldn't be met.  The magic of Christmas makes us believe it could be so, but the magic of real-life means that the turkey gets burned and we end up eating roasties with bacon and eggs- laughing and making memories unprecedented!  

Instead of blaming ourselves and soothing that feeling of inadequacy with shop-shop-shop, you also could "don't do as I do", and set yourself up three weeks beforehand for disappointment.  

They say a cynic is a idealist who has had their heart trampled on.  The bitter shell of cynicism keeps us safe from feeling the magic and joy, not just of Christmas, but every day.  how sad.

I beg of you not to let disappointment you have suffered get in the way of your brilliant dreams and plans for the most stunning of years ahead, 2012.  We're still a few days away!  

There is still time to step away from the loveliness/chaos/fretful mind...

 into the quiet empty space where you yearn

to really pense about what a truly darling 2012 will look like for you.

Space comes first.  In the sanctity of your bathroom.  Your bath, even!  Your garden shed.  Your car parked in your favourite tree lined street, mobile phone turned off, no-one knowing where you are.  Just you.  And your shot at bliss.

A few questions I'm considering as a recovering cynic.  I'm not shouting to the world what this year will bring to me.  I'm even not offering up my soul for the use of God, this time.  I'm walking towards the light.  I'm feeling the pull of the yearn.  I'm finding safe guides.  I'm beginning, ever so gently, to put pressure on myself again.  For time is short my friends.  And it is the only thing we cannot get back...

Join me on the path to feeling your way to a truly darling 2012 in two easy ways...

1.  Find your animal totem.
The red robin's message includes understanding the power of happiness,
and being a guide for growth and renewal.
When we are full of spirit & humour no coldness can enter. 

ONE power animal guides and leads us through the year.  This creature has so much wisdom and is so pure of heart, I urge you to find it.  It's not domesticated:  you may already know what your power animal of 2012 is.  Otherwise, it is an animal you may come across; in your walks, in paintings or stories, in a vague inkling that you want to know more about them.  may I recommend a book and friend on this journey?:  "What the Walrus knows" by Sarah Bamford Seidelman.  

you need neither, but their beautiful presence in your life will open so much bizarre beauty.  Find your 2012 animal.  How?  Ask the angels before you sleep to show it to you.  (This is how I found mine, as well as much yearnings to see him on my walks, on a wintry branch, then in the first scene of the movie Gladiator, which we watched last night)  Next, google your animal as "Spirit Totem" ... and find out your message & guidance for 2012.

2.  What would be too painful to even consider for you, this time next year?
We can live day in and out running to patch up messes that could pull "life as we know it" to bits...or be so busy shining a new path and helping others that nothing can disturb our peace of course.  This is why we need to know what we want, and promise ourselves the worthiness to get it.  Maybe you have had disappointments this year.  

Are you willing to be in the same place this time next year?  Are you willing to let that happen again?  
Who are you really, and how do you live?

what's your year-end message, inspiring one?    and have you found your power animal?  I'd love to know! do share!