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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inner space

"when we are unable to decide...
we must wait for the answer to

like a beautiful, shy animal

we can placing tempting food of gently positive thoughts and keep a safe space in our minds for it to enter freely...."

wonderful pic from desire to inspire

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010

It is so lovely to find guidance coming from the energy of a wonderful teacher at just the right time.  Here I feel appreciation to share with you the words of Doreen Virtue for our journey in 2010:

"If 2009 felt like a long and arduous journey, you’re not alone! It was a year of learning life lessons, sometimes painfully. Many of these were lessons from past lifetimes, and they usually involved themes of taking responsibility for your actions and choices, practicing compassion and forgiveness toward yourself and others, speaking your truth with love, and learning how to balance your life.

2010 promises to bring in welcome changes, provided that you’ve released old toxic energies. The blue moon of New Year’s Eve is a powerful time to declare your intentions aloud or in writing of: “This is what I intend to release, and this is what I intend to welcome into my life.” Ideally, list your intentions outdoors or next to an open window with the moonlight bathing you.

I’ve had miraculous manifestations occur when I hand-write (as opposed to type or just think about) my New Year’s intentions. Several times, I’ve found my lists and everything that I’d written came true . . .even though I had doubts when I wrote them initially. There’s great power in writing your intentions, especially hand-writing which involves your whole body and personal energy much more than typing.

If you feel like you’re starting a new chapter of your life, congratulations, as this is a perfect and pivotal time for new ventures. Although these changes may feel intimidating or even frightening, please know that you’re fully supported as you focus upon one step at a time on your journey.

EVERY part of our lives – every experience, every relationship, every drama yields valuable life lessons. Throughout all of my experiences in 2009, I learned the value of taking actions steps and investing time in my goals and priorities.

My prayer is that you’ll turn any nervousness or anxiety about your goals into excitement! Then I pray that you’ll channel this excitement into taking daily action related to your dream. Even five minutes a day will give you a boost of self-esteem and energy. Your dreams are achievable (often in ways which exceed our expectations) one step at a time.

The new energy of the planet is cooperation, which thankfully replaces the old energy of competition. Competitiveness is based upon “lack mentality,” and thinking that one person wins and one loses. In the new energy, everybody wins and we support one another."

Dear friend, balance in our daily life helps us find our most pure dreams and re-establish our path. Today is a day of just quietly considering how we can feel more balanced.  Not a day to be overwhelmed- but part of our new, gentle awakening.  Welcome to 2010.