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Health Coaching:
"She quickly created a safe space that allowed me to open up and talk about difficult experiences.Her energy is warm, sensitive, and kind.  Thank you, Samantha."  ~Lisa

"I felt very empowered during our conversation as Samantha  acknowledged my strengths and supported my struggles.  She was kind and gentle, and was able to draw from me in a very subtle way.  I loved how connected we felt - even across the great Atlantic!  Thank you Samantha!"  ~Julie 

"Samantha was a very calming experience. I felt that I could really open up to her regarding the crisis I have been going through. I like that she was intuned to my passion for yoga... I believe that her suggestion will be the push I needed to follow through on that."  ~Mary Ann  

"During the time we spent together I felt she really listened to what I had to say and understood  my health concerns and goals.  I have no doubt in my mind that she can help me and others to maximize our potential to reaching those goals" ~Sandra - Syracuse, NY 

" I felt comfortable and supported by Samantha through the e-mosphere as we met on Skype. She has a unique combination of healing therapies in her background that I found fascinating: Feng Shui, Crystal Healing, and Angel Therapies. Thanks, Samantha, I know through your kind support I could make great strides in my wellness journey." ~Nancy, Minneapolis, MN, USA

 "Samantha was not only an incredible listener during our health history, but her fantastic energy was contagious.  She quickly became a wonderful cheerleader for me and encouraged me in the right directions. She is already an amazing healer."  ~Heather

Feng Shui
“Samantha first came into my life when I was selling property. She gave expert Feng Shui advice on how to present the home which resulted in a great sale. Then Samantha assisted in the purchase of my next property - advising which directions would work best for a harmonious home environment. After undertaking a thorough study and writing a full and detailed report of the house I now live in, Samantha's parting words were that this would be "the house of happy coincidences". And it really has. Samantha has so many talents - her spiritual readings and guidance (face to face and via email) are full of wisdom and loving kindness and have proven to be 100% accurate. She is a true expert in her field and is an absolutely delightful being.” - Jennie Smiedt, Sydney, Australia.

"As a professional sportsman racing motorcycles on the world stage for more than a decade, body maintenance is critical. As a racer, training and performance make up my days... bumps and bruises are regular. In order to recover quickly I have a physio; and massage is also a necessity.  I have found great benefit in Samantha's treatments."
Andrew Pitt, two times world supersport champion and veteran world superbike and MotoGP rider

Personal Training
"I cannot thank you enough for all your help and motivation you have given me.  I am not stiff or sore which is great! I feel so much better and buzzing!"  -Jackie

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