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Friday, November 25, 2011

Got a dilemma? Just tune into WII FM

morning Angels...

Fancy a spot of mind reading to help things flow your way, today?

part of my Claim your Psychic Power for professionals program is a exercise called "Tuning into WII FM" 

It's an enlightening experience and I want to share it with you here.

We've done it here at home this morning- there's an important letter that needs sent to a difficult individual and we want a specific outcome...

Do you have to communicate with someone today and you feel it could be tricky?  
Want to guarantee a good outcome?

Here's How!
This takes all of 60 seconds- come on- try it...

1.  Grab a piece of paper and a pen, crayon or texta
2.  Draw however many people are in your dilemma.  In our dilemma this morning, it was just two:  my husband, and the individual concerned.  We drew a round head each.  If it's your dilemma, you will be one of the figures.

3.  Now this bit is important!- draw earphones or a headset on each head, and in a thought bubble:  "Listening to WII FM- What's In It For Me?"

4.  Under each of the figures list what's important to them.  In the interaction, and also their personal dreams, goals and desires... if you don't know, imagine being the other person.  What's their day like?  Picture their home life, their job?  What matters to them?

4.  When you list the same thing under more than one figure, this becomes a bonding point.  You must be sure to weave this into your interaction and identify to the other person that you share the goal too!

5.  By making sure your offer or communication fulfills or isn't in direct conflict with the other party's goals, your request is seen as kind and easy by the other.  They will be grateful for your communication and try and give you what you're seeking as far as possible- as if by magic!

Tuning into another's favourite radio station- WII FM - is a wonderful way to develop your powers of perception, compassion and clarity in communication.  It works great on stubborn kids, too!

Extra inspiration this new moon...

The winds of grace blow all the time. All we need to do is set our sails. 
-- Ramakrishna

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mercury Retrograde & Tomorrow's New Moon

IMPORTANT! NOV. 24th- TODAY: With Mercury in retrograde beginning shortly and solar eclipse + new moon in Sagittarius, today please make any decisions you have been putting off. 
Put your plan into action even in just small way by writing it down or taking a first step. 
Activities started in the next 12-15 hours will have much less risk of running into the obstacles Mercury throws up (such as communication glitches, travel plans gone awry, and social gaffes!!) this time round. 
Mercury stays in Retrograde til Dec 14 and we're out of it' effects Jan 1st completely.

Please contact me for an intuitive reading if you'd like to discover personally how your life could be impacted 
and which positive action steps the universe is guiding you to take now to minimise it's effects

dear friends... I popped this on my facebook this morning and want you to know too- wherever you are in the world there is still a few hours left to put plans into place which will make it much easier for you to overcome any obstacles Mercury may throw in you until Jan. 1.  Also... did you know?  Depending on your personal birth chart, Mercury retrograde can be your time to thrive.  You could be one of those very individuals who does better in a downturn than when all's shining on smooth!  

Towards your smooth and shining peace-

with love,



Warming up these wintry mornings...

these dark wintry mornings it's so tempting to stay in our pyjamas all day, isn't it?

(if we're not getting up to witness a sunrise like this, that is!)

Here's 3 peace-inducing ways to warm-up for your day as your computer comes to life each morning:

Stretch.   awakening all those helpful muscles which have been softly healing and supportive all night.  try to touch the ceiling and do a few belly-dance style figure of eights (easy how-to, here!) as you prepare your morning hot drink, switching on your core muscles for the day.

Brush your hair.  I love the first hair-brush of the morning.  It awakens my scalp and I like to think, sets my brain a-tingling!  It's also a little act of self-love which makes us feel cherished and pretty.  Focus not on the way your hair looks as you brush it, but how your roots and scalp feels with the rush of fresh new blood to them.

Make a wish.  Even just whispered into the computer screen, "please work well for me today".  If there is an event you're nervous about or dreading, instead of worrying or gathering strategies ad rabbit's feet to make sure it all goes to plan, immediately ask the Angels to make everything okay (and it is done).  You will be surprised just how peaceful you feel after this one simple thought.

Happy thanksgiving to my beautiful American friends! I love your presence in my life. This is for you, especially...

"Let gratitude be the prayer on which you kneel to say your nightly prayer.  And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good." - Maya Angelou

Do you count your blessings often?  Is it part of your morning wake-up ritual?  Do share!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Healing with rainbows, butterflies, spirit, knowledge... & love.

Hello, beautiful angels.

...wanted to share with you the most lovely AHA! moment I've recently been through.
As you may be aware, soon I'll be qualified as professional holistic health counsellor with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.
My journey led me here.  
just as All our journeys have led us to where we are right now.

Spirit- mostly angels- and food have been the only constants in my surprising life and this AHA! has been discovering that it is through tying together the two I know I can shine my light most beautifully on the world.

It may have been the amazing experience of Holistic MBA live last week...

Or the recent letter I received from a client back from feng shui days who asked me if "my gifts had moved on"  ie. if I was no longer the psychic intuitive that I was; and so helpful with it, a few years ago... oh, this hurt, angels!

So I've VOWED to no longer stand with my back to the sun- or the Sea.  Ever.  Not in my work as a massage therapist, personal trainer, health counsellor or professional feng shui practitioner.  I'm not clinical.  Nor are my beautiful band of angels- the clients who seek me out wherever I hide on this planet, and call me to share their- Your- inspiring journey.

A clinical approach is not my way of healing.  In my belief, a clinical approach-  in life. in love. in health.  will not work.

It's all spirit. 
We are spirit.
(I'll teach you how to be your own psychic, too.)

So, welcome to spirit-based health and a dream life.
Welcome to my love and support on your journey
Welcome to Angels By The Sea therapy!

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Yes, Samantha, spirit+health!!: What a journey! Count me IN!:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Powerful Ritual to Break through your Roadblock- FOR 11.11.11 & the waning moon

The Law of Attraction is the law of frequency.  Our vibration attracts it's match in the world around us.

When we're aware- as I know you are!- of the law of attraction, we can be so busy trying to be "up" or positive in our vibration--- that we supress what's underneath--- YET it's what's underneath that is our true vibration and what the world is responding to, not our surface positive thinking or desperate affirmations!  

I know I've done this... been thinking so positively, but inside asking why nothing's going right.  Have you had this experience, too?  Oh dear!  

SO-- what to do to truly lift our energy and start to see the marvellous manifestations we deserve?

Quite simply we can't bottle deep worries, the quiet fears anymore.  We have to bring them out into the open and clear them.  This is an amazingly effective process especially when done at a date and time the universe supports you.  It's the extra THRUST of support we need to step permanently up on the next ladder-rung of vibration.  
Where more good things start showing up.  More regularly.

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Yes, Samantha, send me the Ritual to destroy my Road-blocks~ 11.11.11 and beyond!:

The date and time for your clearing process, to finally look at and shatter the negative beliefs that are creating a road-block for you, is this Friday, 11th November 2011.
11.11.11.  Ideally in the 11th hour of your local time.

new feedback:
"i just received it and it's awesome!  thanks Samantha!"- Lisa
"got it and Love it!" -Heather
"this is a really lovely ritual, Samantha." -Wendy

NOTE:  now it's beyond 11.11.11 you can STILL use & get great effect this ritual during the waning moon- until 24th November!

Notice it's all about the number 1's.  I invite you to carve out a few minutes at this time for the only person in this world that can change your life for the better- YOU.  I know you are a caring, compassionate and very aware being.  You deserve to clear any underlying thoughts that are getting in your way.

Please add your email in the sign-up box to receive the short, powerful Ritual on Friday that will uncover whats not working for you... and create the space for you to leave it in the past.

Yes, it's completely free.

This short Ritual is powerfully built on the principles of the law of attraction and my training as a master practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy.  I'm newly jazzed from the excellent road-block busting work I learned at Holistic MBA live last week in Philly and can't wait to help you take an amazing step forward.

11.11.11 is too good an opportunity to miss out on to leave your fears behind:  simply, safely & forever. 

Enter your email to receive the Ritual for Friday, below.

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Yes, Samantha, send me the Ritual to destroy my Road-blocks on 11.11.11~ and beyond!:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Keep Up the Joy! Your Tribe for love and support.

dear beautifuls,
Hi from New York City!  

I'm marinading in the afterglow of 4 days surrounded by some of the most inspirational, loving and refreshing people on the planet.  I'm so grateful to have been part of Holistic MBA LIVE in Philly and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition's Rock the Ripple conference!

Now it's over, I find the unstoppable urge for the next positive energy hit- and I want you, with me.  You are part of this tribe.  You are one of the most inspirational, loving and refreshing people on the planet!  So I want to share with you what that next positive energy, rock your world with love event is...

so delicious.  so powerful.  and you don't even have to get out of your pyjamas for this one!
It's called the Holiday JoyUP. extraordinary opportunity to join a community of heart-centred, simple-pleasure dedicated women for 10 days of true Joy, led by my mentor and muse Hannah Marcotti.

In Hannah's own words:
"As we approach the Holidays it is easy to lose focus on joy, we want magic and sparkly nights, not stress and fights! Pressures arise and we are faced with decisions to make and food indulgences on every table.

These 10 days are about connecting to daily gratitude, creating everyday magic, feeling filled with connection rather than sugar, truthfulness, radiating love, and that twinkle of inspiration for creating a season of joy."

You can find more about Hannah, her wonderful work with women, and her plan to help us all through the holidays here.  

I became part of the JOYtribe in August and it is truly one of my favourite place to hang out in the whole wide world.  The support, love and positivity of the amazing tribe is pure positive energy.  This kind of support will change your life!

Buy Now 
Hannah's 10 day program and unlimited lifetime membership to the JOYtribe is a pay-what-you want program.  That's right- whatever feels affordable for you.  

I was so grateful and moved by August's Joy program, this time I doubled my contribution!  -- and it still doesn't come close to touching the value I know I'll get out of it.  

Beautiful friend, as one of my tribe, I invite you to come with me and join a bigger circle.  New friends.  Such beautiful thoughts.  Fresh eyes, sparkles and butterflies.  Starts Nov. 23. , and your JoyTribe is already waiting for you!  "See" you there!Buy Now