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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How to capture a woman's heart?

I want to share with you a beautiful answer to the question- How do you capture a woman's heart? It's a question from a man craving to win the love of one special woman.

If you're not in a loving relationship right now, begin believing- There's someone you'll want out there looking for somone exactly like you.

See if it touches you like it touched me...

How to capture a woman’s heart?

Let me good to her, listen to her, hold her, be tender, be honest, be open, be brave, be generous (but that doesn’t mean rich), be respectful, have a good sense of humour, look her in the eyes, hold her hand, lie together without having sex, lie together after having sex, believe in her, encourage her, need and want her, tell her you love her and mean it (most women have good bullshit detectors), don’t promise anything you can’t deliver, be good with your hands, be a great kisser (this is more important than you think), tell her she’s beautiful and mean it, write tender notes to her, put your arm around her shoulder or waist when she’s not expecting it, share diverse interests, eat by candlelight often, take her for picnics by the sea or in the mountains or the local park, read to her - not necessarily something schmaltzy...maybe scary or philosophical, remember the little things - and important dates like birthday and the anniversary of the first day you met, photograph her so you can have a picture you visualised in your wallet or on your desk, give her thoughtful presents...not jewels and ritzy stuff...the simpler and sweeter the better, play a guitar and sing to her...give her a copy of a favourite CD so she can listen to it and think of you, dance with one another often...even just at home, make her something...a wooden box...a paper kite...a wire candle holder...a picture frame...a rocking chair, allow your spirit and hers to mingle without pretence, cry when you need to but also stay strong, articulate your emotions and listen while she does the same, surprise her, be skilful in bed without seeming like you’re keeping score, impress her with insight and knowledge, appreciate that intimacy doesn't necessarily mean sex, cook for her sometimes or even more often, don't gloat or put her down, be present and available when she needs you, know how to hold your liquor...that's smart, don’t do drugs...they're stupid, know how to defend her, don’t drive like a like she’s the most precious cargo in the world, do cerebral things together like visiting galleries...going to lectures...hanging out in great bookshops, watch TV together scrunched up close on the couch, share a pet...a fish...a dog...a cat, take holidays together that are different from run of the mill...walking in flea market crawl around a great city, don’t let her annoying little isms get to you...they’re an essential part of the whole, understand that sometimes she just needs to be alone...and it has nothing to do with you, be rock-solid...but be unpredictable, too...not always an easy one but it’s all about balance, tell her what you’re thinking when there’s a problem between you...talking is almost always better than silence, love her for who and what she is...not for what you think she might become, be committed to and proud of what you do and how you conduct your life, and possess a moral compass.

-from the wonderful

Did your energy resonate with this? Did you realise how beautiful, how soft, gentle, reasonable you are? Did you realise it'll take a real person to capture your heart, and that's what you're waiting for?

He's waiting, too.

Someone out there, wants you.

Some days you're the Peacock... some days, you're the feather duster.

It was the feather-duster kinda day I was having when we went to the Qatar Superbike championships. A pair of camels (pic right) didn't like my chi (check out the loony one laughing in the background!) and dear Husby captured the very moment before I faceplanted into the poor creatures neck and rolled off into the sand.

There are many feng shui lessons we can take from this. I feel so happy and blessed that neither of us were injured. I feel so happy and blessed to have been a source of such mirth for the camel owner, Husby and a couple of bored folk looking backwards out of the grandstand. I wasn't carrying a Jade stone, which holds ancient properties to protect one from injury after a fall from a horse- but I was wearing an amethyst, and do recommend. Bruised pride was all I suffered.

These creatures aren't horses. I don't know how their mind works (Camels), but a bit like cats, they have an ethereal energy and I'm not sure they'd make loving, faithful and positive companions. When one has such a feather duster moment, all we can do is pick up and dust off! Hope you're feeling like a peacock today...

Do you feel more like the feather duster than the Peacock most days?

Here's a great trick from UK professional hypnotist Paul Mc Kenna to give you a boost of lasting confidence.

Get a picture in your mind of someone who, to you, appears truly confident. It could be an actor or a completely competent person you've always admired.

Imagine their voice saying, "This is what it sounds like to be truly confident."

Now repeat yourself, emulating them: "This is what it sounds like to be truly confident."

Continue practising outloud, using your most confident voice, nicly loud and clear. "THIS is what is sounds like to be TRULY confident."

How do you feel?

Use this technique anytime you feel you're having a feather duster day.

love n blessings,


Friday, February 22, 2008

Feng Shui your way to relocation success

What woman doesn’t wish for herself and her family a smooth transition into a new home? And pray to find herself and those she loves in an environment that feels welcoming, relaxing and healthy? We’ve all visited the kind of house that feels like it hasn’t contained life for eons!

Whether or not you have a choice in the home you move to… whether or not you like the place instantly upon entering, or dread returning to those four walls every day… you will benefit from using feng shui in your new environment. A few simple habits can substantially lift the chi in a negative-feeling living space, and make positive-feeling house extra welcoming. So to make the wish of a smooth transition for yourself and your family come true, follow the guidance below and feng shui your way to relocation success.

Clean and Protect
One of the prerequisites of feeling comfortable in a home is having a feeling of safety. Every environment poses a degree of risk and, as women, we are highly tuned to the different energies that make us feel uneasy. We’re so highly tuned that lingering energy, left behind by previous inhabitants, can give us unexplained “spooks” or feelings of sadness or worry which aren’t necessarily attributed to anything going on in our own life. Using feng shui in your new home space will dispel this, and you’ll find your negative feelings diminish. A great place to start is to clean the whole home from top to bottom, immediately upon moving in. A new mattress, or at least, new bed linen and pillows, is vital for a fresh beginning in a new home. Further, a simple space cleansing technique can ensure a positive new beginning welcomed to you.

Feng Shui By The Sea’s Simple Space Cleanse

To begin, light incense, or a candle, at all entries to your new home. This sets our intention and affirms to the universe our desire to change the energy within the house.
In the four furthest corners of the floorplan, pour a small pile of salt.
Sweep or vacuum the salt up after 7 days, when it will have absorbed all energy left behind by any previous inhabitants of the space.
Take two lemons, cut in half, and place a half in each corner.
Leave the lemons for another seven days (if they begin to mould, its fine to remove them). This purifies the home space.
When you’ve removed the lemons, any problematic energy will have been removed from the house, and you’re free to create your new life without any hindrances.

Create Balance
A comfortable home is one which balances Yin and Yang- polar energies, such as dark and light, or soft and loud- in ancient Chinese philosophy. Many expat environments lack the Yin/Yang balance, being so extreme themselves- take, for example, the dry, flat landscape of the desert, and sand-coloured home you may be living in, or the unrelenting flow of traffic and tangle of glittering skyscrapers you may be surrounded by everyday. So here’s a golden feng shui rule: whatever is outside, recreate an opposite within. If outside is bright and busy, create a sanctuary inside the home, with a room decorated in purples and blues, low lighting and peaceful quiet. If outside is desolate and isolated, inside organise room as your link to the world, with TV, internet and a water feature to keep you company, and keep all manner of good things flowing into your life. In a room such as this, photos of family and helpful friends displayed in metal frames strengthen the energy of communication, and invite positive new interactions. Every member of your family will return to balance more easily with your creation of this polar effect at home.

Make a Hub
Feng Shui teaches us that each family home has a “hub”- a central location where the majority of interaction takes place. Where’s yours? Wherever your family tends to gather, make a note, and in your new residence, create a similar space. “As soon as we walked into the home I loved the dining room table, and pictured lots of family meals,” recalls expat Dianne. “But when my husband and then, the kids, kept ducking back into the kitchen each morning, it was obvious I’d underestimated just how important to our family life the breakfast bar at home had been!” Don’t feel compelled to use rooms for their designated purposes, just because they are there. If your family likes to eat in the kitchen, the dining room could suit another purpose- such as a home office or study area.
A bowl of fruit, such as red and green apples, on display in the “Hub”, generates positive family energy by representing the element Wood. Placing a rug on the floor adds visual warmth and invites relaxation, as well as lending the stability of the element Earth.

Health support
Good health is a pillar of self-confidence, and the challenges of relocation make feeling confident especially important. Although we might loathe the disruption, a move that forces us to change our exercise routine or try new foods is actually a great opportunity to get into new healthy habits. A move to Germany helped expat Renee in this way: “We weren’t used to eating the main meal at lunchtime and all going off in our different directions in the evening. The family supper we’d always enjoyed was just impractical. So when the kids arrived home for lunch, I decided we’d all prepare it and make this our time together. Now, we actually eat lighter and healthier.”

When we feel good, we radiate positive energy that attracts positive people and positive experiences to us. If you’re house-bound or a tad overwhelmed by your new environment, indoor friends can help- plants, especially peace lilies (botanically known as Spathifiphyllum), absorb electromagnetic and other negative energies, and their presence strengthens the element Wood, this time boosting health in Feng Shui philosophy.

Finally, every new place, no matter how barren it may seem, offers fascinating ways of living we can adopt and gain from. Blend home accessories from your new environment with ones you’ve brought with you, and you’ll be surprised at how the successful mix will rub off in all areas of your life. “When rice bowls and chopsticks sit next to my heirloom gravy boat on the table, it reminds me how we sit happily alongside our new culture,” Sue, an expat living in Shanghai, confirms. Local blooms in your favourite vase on display symbolise the integration of your values with the new environment, creating a blend for living in harmony. Happy integration in the home mirrors happy integration in your life. Happy relocation to you, and feng shui blessings on your path.


x x x

Welcome, Year of the Rat!

Welcome, year of the Rat! Rats are a water sign, and the reflective quality of a Rat year makes this a wonderful time to dream, get a picture of where we would like to see ourselves in 2008 and beyond, and begin taking steps towards fulfillment of the picture. Creating a sacred space to meditate, chill out and listen to music or read in privacy is a must-do this year, if you don’t already have a little corner of the home especially designated to “you”! We'll find emotions run pretty close to the surface, and we'll want to have our own space to journal, vent by singing or indulge in any other artistic tendency that may arise. Decorate your space in rich, warming hues, and get a special candle to support and quieten your mood whenever you're present here.
A Rat year brings us renewed energy to direct towards our finances, and- great news- you could find it’s easier to save money, with a little going a lot further than it did in 2007. Do form a clear picture of an accomplishment or two you would like to have under your belt by this time next year… small actions daily taken towards an inspiring vision you have of your life will really stack up this year. Goals for improvements in fitness, friendships, and workplace progression are all supported favourably by universal energy in 2008; so set your target, and go for it! Ask for what you want and you’ll likely find you get it. Fortune favours the clear-minded in the Year of the Rat.

Chinese Horoscope 2008- What the Year of the Rat will bring to you!

It's great for Love if you're a Pig, Sheep or Rabbit
Those born in the year of the Pig, Sheep and Rabbit have excellent marriage prospects, due to the attraction of Yang Earth energy in 2008 to their Yin Water energy. Especially if you are already in a happy partnership, this is a great year to get married, as you can expect preparation and plans to go smoothly. A happy union is assured if a person born under one of these animal signs marries another (Pig, Sheep or Rabbit).

Unexpected Blessings for Rats, Dragons and Monkeys- your good luck continues, and improves
Rats, Dragons and Monkeys can expect a powerful year ahead. Good fortune has your name on it and will track you down, even if you do not do anything to change your current habits. You may have noticed your luck changing for the better over the last 12 months already, and you can expect more of the same, as the presence of the element water strengthens continually through 2008.

Placid Snakes and Independent Horses shine through
A word of caution to both Snakes and Horses. Snakes are best to avoid disputes this year, for the ancient Chinese have a saying that a Rat at war can kill a Snake in a vicious fight. Lay low, serpents, as the energy this year won't back you in an argument. No less worrisome is the saying that Rat droppings eaten (accidentally or otherwise) by a Horse will kill it; so, advice in 2008 to those born in the Year of the Horse is to not take on problems created by those born in the year of the Rat, lest your own personal fortune or health be damaged.

Dogs and Tigers, tread with care
Using logic and reasoning in the Year of the Rat is advised for both Dogs and Tigers, who may find that decisions made in the heat of the moment or passionate outbursts don’t work to help you get what you want, as they may have in 2007. Lucky stars in your finances are indicative that you’ll end the year better off than you are now.

Promotion and progression for Oxen and Roosters
Finally, those born in the year of the Rooster and the Ox can expect no major disruptions or strokes of massive fortune, with happy exception possible on your lucky days. Rat energy blends harmoniously with Roosters and Oxen, and can enhance business or work associates, so if you are born in these animal years, expect favourable winds at the workplace in 2008.

Harmony, Prosperity and Success at Home in 2008.
With flying Star feng shui

As the Year of the Rat enters, it’s time for the energy of your home to change again, and by making a few simple changes you can ensure good fortune is welcomed to your door!

You will need in your home in 2008:
A water feature (or a glass vase filled with fresh flowers)
Something made of gold, or gold-coloured (like a photo frame or gold-painted bowl)
Something coloured purple- (some ornamental grapes, a painting or a rug, for instance)
Semi-precious stones- Clear Quartz, citrine and rose quartz (if you must substitute, small glass objects in clear, yellow and pink can be used).

For Harmony:
Using the colour purple to enhance the West and South East areas of your home this year strengthens luck in love and positively improves communication for everyone in the house. Place a Rose Quartz and a symbol of happy partnership in the Centre of your home this year, to activate the Romance star, encouraging love to enter and blossom in your life.

For Prosperity:
To improve money luck this year, place a quartz crystal, and a water feature in the East of your home (where the morning sun appears from). A golden-coloured object and a Citrine (yellow quartz) stone in the North will also activate prosperity chi in 2008.

For Success:
The unlucky sector of every building changes to the South in 2008. Avoid, if you can, all major renovations and loud noise in this area of the home. To protect your health, try not to sleep with the top of your head pointed to this direction, and avoid sleeping in a bedroom in the South area of your home.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy New Year, and may peace and prosperity be your constant companions in 2008.

Samantha Honey is a feng shui expert originally from Sydney. Her business, Feng Shui By The Sea in the Gulf, specializes in creating interiors that are full of comfort and good energy, for expats in the Middle East. Visit her website at, or call her on +974 5044768 for a chat on how to welcome more harmony, prosperity and success to your home.