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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A new day; happy Springtime; and I'll be stopping by more often...

Does anyone else feel as though the passing of this weekends Supermoon brings a diferent feel to everyday life?

Spring is in the air, and with it, the promise of a summer ahead- as an expat, don't our minds happily jumble together all the best warm memories we've ever known?  Spring/summer means holidays, the sound of waves crashing onto the beach,  the smell of barbeque and coconut in the air...summer concerts, fragrant fruits and night-time flowers... crickets humming noisily, bike rides in the warm air, flippy dresses and lovely, languished picnics...

Predicting Spring/Summer 2011 by the elements....

walks through green hillside meadows picking blueberries... eating gelato among ancient stone ruins... a burning hot day turns to cool clear night surrounded by sand dunes... pretty sparkling crystal goblets and flatware on a stone table... a champagne reception between marble columns...

bonfires on the beach... a sunset exploding in red and orange... the prickle of sunkissed skin under a warm shower...  legs entwined with your loved one, sleeping without sheets; a hot wind that whips your face after the air-conditioning... pretty ladies in floral prints and parakeet colours... an evening of shooting stars and catching fireflies

bare floors under your feet... a billiantly crisp nectarine... gentle whispering of palm trees overhead, a hammock rocking slowly... rattan, driftwood and woven wicker baskets... a shady picnic table

running under the sprinkler... a grey sky opens into a downpour... swimming under a waterfall.. a babbling burrn... a rainbow hovers in the sky and leaves sparkle with diamond-drops after spring showers...

cool white rooms, whirring fans... the smell of fresh paint and polished wooden floors and furniture... rides in the car with the roof down... long dangly earrings, bare arms full of bracelets, ferry trips, flying kites, on board the bateau with radio up loud and husby stringing his guitar...

You deserve an apology.  I haven't been much of a blogger in 2011 so far.
I have to go to New York now.
But when I come back, I'm going to have alot more time for you.