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Friday, October 31, 2008

Etsy Adorations

Because here the weather is getting colder,

Because gifts for the holiday season are tempting us in all the stores...

Because the prospect of accepting all those plastic bags and lugging them to the car or bus-stop then into the house in blustery, wet days is just too uncomfortable to even think about...

Or, for you on other continents...

Because the sun is too strong to go outside...

Because it's really not that safe to go outside...

Because there is nowhere around you that sells anything other than basic neccessities for survival...

Because everything around you seems to be mass-produced and soulless...

Because you're so in need of creative inspiration or a gift that embodies loving, sensitive care...

Because you wish you had the time to make something yourself for those you love...

Because you want something realy unique...

Because you want a bargain...

Because you want to make an interesting friend...

Because you love to shop online...

Because you love receiving things in the mail...

Beause you love giving (and receiving!) something very unique...

Because you have no time to leave the office...

Because you're stuck in the house...

Because you have no idea where to start looking for something as special as the person you'd like to give something to...

Because you support others who have the time and talent and nouse to make & sell...

Because you celebrate the truly original...

Because you believe in the idea of positive global communities...

you have a reason to love Etsy as much as I do.

Etsy is an online marketplace of handmade goods from all over the world, demonstrated by their own makers.

I have a little Etsy "shop" and sell four products. Yesterday I made my first sale- yippee! Out of the blue, my beautiful friend Jennie bought some Wealth Stones. She's in Australia and paid with PayPal- simple and easy as can be.

Beautiful gold-painted stones with KSA sparkle dust for prosperity will shortly be winging their way to her. It's like real, live magic to sell this way, all over the world, and to buy from such unique individuals is a delighful experience in itself.

Hope you go see for yourself!



P.S If you handmake anything, it's easy to set up your own Etsy shop- if you can read this blog, you'll be able to put your products online! Alternatively, I would be interested in selling your handmade goods, under your name and the Feng Shui By The Sea banner... please email me if this sparks your interest.

What reasons restrict you from shopping, or what sort of things would you like more easily available to you? I'd love to know... do share by leaving a comment, below.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monday-itis? on a... Friday?

"-itis", defininition:
(2) an addiction to, or weariness resulting from preoccupation with: used in nonce words, ie, golfitis

The only cure for Monday -itis is to wake up to the fact that one part of you has discovered you don't have to do what you're doing, anymore.

There's a better way

(and it's on the way).

Picture: Silence

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More space to play- feng shui in the kitchen

I love cooking and one of my favourite rooms to feng shui is the kitchen, as it has such a impact on our life and energy. So I really enjoyed the feng shui tips on the Black & Decker website to promote their great idea- "Spacemaker". Maybe you will, too! All underline the importance of clearing clutter and having lots of room to play on our kitchen counters. It's lovely to find feng shui in such a place.

You'll notice apples in the display kitchen. Great feng shui! A display of apples in the kitchen is a wonderful family energy harmoniser. Red apples ward off negativity, whilst green increase the positive chi.

So, for instance, when you're starting a new exercise regime and need feng shui assistance, a bowl of green apples is an excellent enhancement... whilst if a meddlesome family member is coming to stay, a display of red apples will protect your happy house vibe.

love n luck to you,



Monday, October 27, 2008

Removing Obstacles & Stretching Time

Quantum physics tells us time is an illusion. And when we check in with our own experience, this fact is believeable. Haven't you had the experience of having an "endless moment" or been so absorbed in what you're doing, that time just seems to disappear?

I invite you this week, if you've been enticed by this concept of time as flexible, before, to stretch and shrink time as it suits you. Because you may at present be in a hurry ;), here's how to do it. The possible results you can manifest come next!

You'll need: The intention to control your universe as you experience it.

Start with: Sitting there, owning that you are experiencing the manifestation of your thoughts. It's a powerful and supportive thought! Next, make an internal command; "Shrink time!" (speeds things up) or, "Stretch time!" (slows time down) -to the molecules of your body, which are made up of the same atoms that the entire universe is fabricated from. Finally, begin to notice the ways in which your command is effective- through the numbers on a clock, how much you're able to get done (or get away with not doing), and the feeling of passing time.

I invite you to do this, as I want you to be as "blown away" with the results as I was on Friday night, when I had an amazing experience by practising this kind of quantum physics, the Law of Attraction and asking other-dimensional (spiritual, I like to call it) assistance.

Here's what happened: Left Wiltshire en route to Gatwick airport with plenty of time to spare before my flight at 19.40. Hit terrible traffic close to London on the M3- turned on the radio, and each statio was broadcasting the lengthy delays on the two roads I'd have to take to arrive at the airport on time. Quickly did the math; if I could maintain an average of 40 miles an hour I'd still arrive the required 45 minutes before departure. But the standstill traffic over three lanes, and memories of long aiport security and check in queues had me all a-fluster. As one panicky memory joined another- disappointment at the meal out we'd planned later that night, worry at where I'd stay and rebooking a flight- I was activating powerfully negative energy. The Law of Attraction answered my negative thoughts- so, suddenly it was 18.30 and still 30 miles to go to Gatwick.

25 minutes to travel 30 miles in Friday night traffic out of London, drop back the car, check in, clear security and board the plane. Impossible? I needed serious help, and could only think of one entity big enough for this job. "Ganesh, remover of obstacles, help me!" In addition, I made the internal command to "Stretch time!" and focused on how fantastic it would be to actually get on that flight and be on the island tonight. Finally, I stepped on the accelerator, praying all the time.

Every distance estimation sign I'd check the dashboard clock. I'd gained one minute over the miles. Another minute. another minute. I was excited, I was doing my best. It was working! The traffic cleared in front of me. I could almost feel Ganeshs' hot breath on my neck. And now it was 18.54 and 6 miles to Gatwick.

Mobile rings. It's Husby. "You'll do it. Keep going." Into Gatwick and a lovely girl is just standing waiting to receive the car keys. Racing up the escalators, the Flybe queue is empty. "Anyone for Aberdeen?" a representative is calling. It's 19.04. No, Isle of Man, I say. Is it still open? "Yes," she replies, "and on time. On the day we wish we had delays!"

I won't bore you with the short-cut through security or scurry to the gate. But at 19.35 I was plopped down on seat 1A, staring out at the runway lights, marvelling at the last hour that stretched the distance.

And arrived home in time for dinner- a curry, in honour of Ganesh.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A thought I loved, but had forgotten..

It's the choices we make daily that determine our destiny.
photo from Kate Spade

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boo! What scares you?

In the shops, leering pumpkins and (much more frightening!) neon-coloured sweets remind us it's time to get spooky for Halloween (or Hop Tu Na, as it's called here)

But really- what scares you? I'll share with you something many of my friends and clients whisper about in horrified tones, and then am going to show you why it can't spook you in any way.

What really scares many of us is the thought that something huge and unwanted can jump into our experience. Suddenly (we've all heard the stories), so-n-so was struck with this disease, or lost their house in a credit crunch. And we quietly think to ourselves, crossing our fingers or sending a little prayer up, that "it" doesn't happen to us.

Enough of this fear. Enough of this feeling as if we're victims of what seems to happen "out there" in life, as if at any moment we might be next. This idea is old and out-dated. It's a mistruth. Real truth: We create our own reality.

And recognising we create our own reality means becoming aware that reality works like this.... Our life is a wonderful cake we're baking, and we are the chef who decides on it's flavour. All around us, the world is our perfectly well-stocked kitchen. There's every sort of ingredient we could possible imagine in the kitchen, but it's not as if the basil (for example) is going to get up and put itself in our cake. We decide what goes in, and what stays out. You might add pineapple, or banana, or vanilla essence. And you'll most certainly leave the dishwashing up liquid out of your delicious creation.

You leave ingredients out of your life by ignoring them (no more listening to stories of disaster). No more thinking about what negativity may befall you. And you put the delicious selections in by thinking more and more about them. Those good bits of life. Focusing on the love, the affection, the prosperity, the joy, the good health, the fitness and the friendship. The feng shui...

No longer will you feel a little bit spooked when you hear of bad things happening. Because you know exactly what you're spending your time thinking about, ie. what you're putting in your cake.

So now we're doing this deliberately, life doesn't even have to ask us, "Trick or Treat?" Each day we focus on the pleasant things, we subconsciously confirm our delivery of the good.

An analogy of the universe as our kitchen and us as the chef-creator is in the book "Ask and It is Given", by Esther & Jerry Hicks.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Harmony Medicine

I've always been fascinated with the link between the mind and healing- aren't you? And when we look at feng shui as a healing art, which it is, we can't ignore the fact that one single direction is traditionally responsible for two key important life areas of Health & Family.

Have you ever wondered just how important family harmony is to your state of health? No doubt you will have at times commented that you "were worried sick" when a family member was running late or maybe an argument at home gave you a splitting headache.

Would you like some special feng shui tips for your family & health link? Then feel free to sign up for the October feng shui cheat sheet. I'd love to help you on your way today to more harmony, prosperity and success.



Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bringing the Outside In

Autumn is just so delicious- the abundance of natural objects just lying around this part of the world fills me with glee! Husby thinks I'm mad dragging home branches to attach pictures of dream holiday destinations and favourite friends with pegs, powering up our Helpful Friends & Travel area. Back in Australia, as I recall tripping over a washed-up and weathered plank on the beach- a gem of a find!-, it was a real treat to uncover something natural and photogenic to bring home from my walks. Then in Qatar in some of the most curious places (a pile of sand on a building site, for instance), the most exquisite sea-shells would appear and when this happened, it made a walk there a real joy, but I do love just the number and variation of mother natures gifts that practically litter this windswept island!

Besides the branch idea above (and it does make a lovely memento-holder), here are some other decor ideas using nature to bring the elements of the outside into your home. Just add candlelight for a soothing and meditative inner space.

Twig Coasters- easy to make and a lovely activity for wet days. Patient little people are great at this and it makes them feel so grown-up to enjoy a cup of tea using their coaster upon completion. You cant see in the picture but they are twigs of the same length and hickness tied prettily together with twine. Element: Wood - the element of family & health, and it strengthens communication. Guarantees good conversation with your brew!

Gourd Lamp
- something for the North American and Down-Under folk where gourds seem to be in large supply! This looks highly technical at first glance, but Martha makes it easy. Element: Earth- the element of relationships and knowledge. It's uniqueness will serve to provide creative inspiration and good-humour in the room it's placed.

Finally, an idea that often haunts me and I've yet to turn a hand to- the Feather Wreath. This makes my soul sing. Not represnting the element air, as this isn't an element of feng shui, but the element Fire, as it's made from bird feathers. Warmth and prosperity from your communications and creativity are the gifts such an object in your home will bestow on you.

These ideas and lovely others can be found on the Martha Stewart crafts website.

October fireflies

Sitting outside on possibly the last of the indian summer evenings here in the British isles, in my imagination, the midges became fireflies and I was back in New York, having a picnic in late summer on a fragrant lawn... the one and only time I saw these magical creatures.

Are you lucky enough to have fireflies in your garden? The glow of a firefly reminds us of the powerful energy within us all.

Finding and living our passions lights us up inside just like a firefly.

Heading South tomorrow, off the island and down into Wiltshire. I'll be here; a wonderful healing centre, on a three week course & retreat which will deliver one of the most powerful skills we can ever have- being able to use our minds exactly the way we like to create our realities.

I'm passionate about using our time and energy to keep inventing a life we love, so am "buzzing" like a firefly, looking forward to becoming NLP certified and sharing delicious new "Love & Life" techniques with you.