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Monday, January 31, 2011

It's your Story

just an aha! moment, want to share with you... It's Your Story.  Don't Let The World Mess Up Your Story.  Believe in true love, castles, princesses, fast cars and getting away from it all!   Keep thinking, more believing, make it happen!  Nothing's real- including the mundane- until we make it so.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy tears can heal the heart

“The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea”. Isak Dinesen

you'll ned tissues for this beautiful link
if you are in love, have love, or a heart that's breaking, open or healed...
it will inspire kisses, i promise

and if you're single, it will have you dreaming and looking forward and understanding and speeding you to meeting your "true companion".  please watch! and share, if you will; your favourite moment- mine is at 4.20...

with love to you
and thankyou so much to the inspiring Karey M for your wonderful blog and bringing notice to this video.  I love the special way you shared it, too xxx

Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to tread water: thoughts on a day

:I feel very lucky that you are reading this.  There are many healing places on the web, and yet you are spending your precious time on my blog, perhaps looking for a solution, perhaps gently treading around your question, knowing that in your own time, with just the right information, you will reach an "Ah ha!" moment.

We are all healers, but none of us do the healing- we simply let healing be. Haven't you been asked to step into the dark space of someone's life?  They don't ask for things to be fixed.  But with your fresh perspective, you bring the cool, blue light of truth to the situation.  And then your friend can see there's no monsters under the bed after all.

Lay your hands on me...

I think part of my calling here is to be asked to shine a cool, blue light of truth- often just at the cusp of when a friend is about to include those monsters as their own.  I believe it's a thick line, not a thin one, that turns ideas we harbour into ideas that manifest and create negativity in our life.  It's actually hard to make bad things happen.  But the more you practise the thinking about it...

So if you keep thinking habitually, there may be something wrong with your place...
Or something in your life is making your body rebel, or you don't feel quite comfortable...
You are so clever, you will eventually find a reason
or we can get it out in the open, and heal it together.

here if you need!

Just a little aloha of two lovely tricks I use, that help:

One is the rose quartz shield, in public places or when I am attracting attention. 
Picture yourself swathed in a pale pink glow of light, softly pulsating and nourishing.  This is your positivity cocoon, for only love can enter here.  You are safe, and all interactions are gentle, and beautiful.

The other is the Cutting of Cords, when I feel someone has attached psychic energy or hooks into me;
Picture the strong and infinitely supportive Archangel Michael standing behind you with a large pair of silver scissors.  Say, "please Archangel Michael, remove this resistance from me," and watch him cut the cords from your back swiftly and smoothly.  Feel the lightness and freedom you have now to continue your journey.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep:  I wish tonight for health in the beautiful state of Queensland and for its people.  I wish tonight for health for Billy and Nancy and for balance and unexpected good turns for dear clients I am holding in my heart as I prepare your reports.  I turn my wishes and the intentions of my heart, he actions of my hands, to you, my Universe.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"the best way to pay for a lovely moment, is to enjoy it."

"We are where we are, in life
Because of what we believe to be true for ourselves."

these and many eye openers from Richard Bach

... and I begin to remember that Nicola Merton-Richards , my wonderful friend, mentor, and wise one, names Jonathon Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach as one of her most favourite books...

I miss my own Jonathon Seagull today, he's taken his wings to the middle east again for many weeks, and though we will stay close with skype and by heart, as I watch other seagulls cartwheel above the fading shore, i canna help but feel quite alone, a body craving cuddles.  Funny that Bach's seagull learns space and time are no distance at all...


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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter feng shui, TV & workshop news

Before Christmas, Husby and I were excited to be asked by House Hunters International if we would share the story of our Expat relocation with them as part of their new tv series.  They were especially interested in how we find living on a windswept rock in the middle of the Irish Sea, which is home to more gulls than people (and the gulls can be bigger than an average person, here!) with life in bubbly Sydney- and all the other cities we've called home in between.  And how we chose our home, according to feng shui.

Husby is a much more private person than me, but we spent a few days filming our submission for the show in the lead up to christmas.  It was a magical time of year- so much snow had fallen, it was truly the white Christmas I'd heard and only sang songs about as a kid growing up in Australia!  Though any of us can go skiing somewhere or travel someplace snowy for Christmas, when it's knee-deep outside your new home on Christmas eve, you really understand what the cheer and goodwill is all about!

Watch this space as to whether we'll be gracing a telly in front of you soon!

Many thanks must go here to Husby- though he continues to rip my Chi  (see remember the bad feng shui, here?, and here, for old times sake) he does enjoy the way of it, holding steadfast to the knowledge that I know it's good for us, so that's good enough for him, too.

This year I'm excited to be doing some workshops with Six Senses Spa- Sharq Village.  Are you in Doha late February?  Then I hope to see you there!  More news soon

love and blessings, & thank you for sharing

PS  It may be twelfth night tomorrow, but don't be in too much of a hurry to put all your festive lights away.  Pop them into an empty glass vase and keep them lit all the rest of this month- very good in the South, to ensure your fame & reputation energy is positive, or in the north west, to keep those kind visitors dropping by.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Greatness is believing in Ourself

thank you to my lovely friend Susie for showing me this video.  Enjoy!  Reminds me to remind myself this year... "the longest journey begins with a single step"- Lao Tze

Blessings to you!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Strengthen Your Imagination for beautiful Change

"The Present Moment is a Powerful Goddess"- Goethe

"Despite all thoughts we may have about past mistakes or future problems, we can call upon the Law of The Present Moment, reminding ourselves that only Now exists.  All we have to do is to make the most of relaxing into and embracing this moment, and put one foot in front of the other, as we handle what appears right now, one moment, one step at a time."  -Dan Millman, The Life You Were Born to Live

Living in the Present Moment is a wonderful way to get back on track if we seem overwhelmed with life's circumstances- circumatances which are, simply, pictures and stories we are showing ourselves.  There is very rarely any Present Moment that is such a problem.  Most of our problems are remembered or imagined, after all!

This year, I ask the Universe for it's divine help to use my imagination, which so easily defaults back to sad pictures it remembers from "sometime in the past" to create worries about the "future", to putting it's brilliantly clear creativity to work making brilliant bright pictures of things yet to be, which would be wonderful and so exciting. 

I know it's a big jump- I've got out of the habit of working out my imagination in this way, and it's gotten a little flabby!  So much so, it's default attitude is just to remember the past.  This slackness has gotten too much- so, this Imagination needs strength training!

Tto build it up, first I'll meditate regularly- once, or twice a day, for 10 minutes at a time, relaxing and embracing into the moment (it's so much easier to think of nothing when you're not feeling especially positive, for that requires a major energetic jump)

From meditation, I'll be able to discipline my imagination to only call to mind memories that make me smile and fill my heart with success and love...

Then, having been made so much stronger, and assisted by daily looking for the beauty in life, what's new and exciting and stimulating, my imagination will truly be ready to create a brilliantly imagined future.

 “If you want to achieve your goals and master any area of your life—your finances, your health, your relationship—you must first develop a compelling vision to get you excited about what it is you’re striving to achieve.”  -Tony Robbins


Does your brilliant imagination need firming up enjoy your dream life this year, too?

Bright blessings for 2011!

I wish you a wonderful 2011
 filled with beauty, love and peace.

There was much laughter when we visited our local chinese restaurant last night to pick up some dinner and greeted them, "Gong Xi Fa Cai!"  Chinese New Year this year will be Feb 3, so we were a little early, but the sentiment was not lost!  In keeping with Chinese New Year Tradition, yesterday's Jan 1st saw us do no housework (yipppeee) and no using of knives or scissors (which could cut the good fortune of the new year...) Instead, we ate lots of those little gold coins from Christmas and finished a big bowl of satsumas.  From the Mandarin we brought home fish, and rice, both also considered auspicious to eat to welcome in a new year of abundant health and prosperity.

I feel very excited and hopeful of this year to come- with many personal dreams and aspirations as well as lots of desires for Feng Shui By The Sea.  Imminently I'll be offering workshops in Doha and our small new studio for private consulting will open here on the Isle of Man. 

I hope to see you this year, and be part of your continuing path of joy and peace.  Thank you for visiting.  Feel free to share your dreams and aspirations for 2011 below!