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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feng Shui for Weight Loss

I'm so excited & have to share it with you! The May "cheat sheet" is just about ready for delivery, and it's on Feng Shui for Health and Fitness- and my favourite aspects of this topic- feng shui for physical energy and fat-busting.

It's fair to say that we'd all love to improve our body in some way. Whether it’s food choices, body image or aversion to exercise that sabotages your shape, this edition of Feng Shui By The Sea's free e-newsletter offers you a virtual buffet of solutions that could work for you.

Last month I promised I’d share with you the three most powerful tools that I’ve experienced using in feng shui, beginning with the Gratitude list for Abundance in April’s edition just passed. This month, it’s #2: the supersonically powerful set of Energy instructions for moving from sickness to health, by harnessing the power of feng shui and the law of attraction. I can’t recommend you do this for yourself highly enough. It changed my life dramatically earlier this year, and I’ve seen it work for countless others. P.S. All you have to do is pick up a pen...

More energy coming your way! register by ticking the box when you cut and paste this link in your browser:

or send an email to

I look forward to co-creating more harmony, prosperity & success with you!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For writers and working-from-home women everywhere!


For creativity, read this. Who moved my chi? It'll take you 3 mins and make you laugh out loud! ...oh, and guaranteed to unlock that stubborn wordsmith inside.



Feeling good is creating your happy future!

"So, you've just got to decide that you're going to do the best that you can now to feel good and stop making excuses about why you don't feel good now by charting all of the statistics of reasons why you're justified in not feeling good. Who cares? It doesn't matter.

You're right... you should feel bad. But feeling bad only makes tomorrow worse! You've got to feel good NOW! You've got to make up your mind that nothing is more important than how I feel NOW. Because NOW is everything. NOW is the whole enchilada...

And if I practice NOW feeling good, there's a better chance that tomorrow I'm going to feel good too. You might as well start somewhere and it might as well be NOW. Why not start improving your life now? Now. Now. Now. "

- Abraham-Hicks

Want to feel good now?

If you love travel and luxury hotels-- and who doesn't? listening to soft piano music as you sip a drink in a comfortable lounge chair... crisp white sheets and a bedroom balcony that opens to views of the sea or vibrant city... buffet breakfast of tropical fruit and fresh-made coffee... soft bathrobes, mini-moisturisers... a club sandwich delivered at 2am... I could continue indefinitely! -- take a moment to indulge in a spot of daydreaming here:
Wouldn't it be nice...?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Auspicious timing

To make travel arrangements that will "stick" and get a successful outcome when asking a favour, wait a few days from now, until Saturn turns direct on Thursday.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Life By The Sea, part 2

"I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by...

I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,

To the gull's way and the whale's way, where the wind's like a whetted knife;

And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,

And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick's over. "

from Sea Fever, John Masefield.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Love cures all

Remember Feng Shui nightmare, revisited- that electric blue bug zapper husby bought me a few days ago? It's terrible feng shui for our love area, you'll recall.

Well, something strange has happened...

Husby doesn't seem all that thrilled with our new appliance. He seems almost... superstitious about it. I notice he's barely turned it on at all, and hasn't spoken about it once since we had words about how it maybe could/probably would destroy our relationship. It's almost as if he's pretending it's not there at all...


Meanwhile, I decided to embark on a feng shui experiment to cure any love chi that wouldn't be living here anymore. Since the bug zappers installation, I've incorporated one feng shui action or ritual to increase the love energy in our lives, into our day.

Remember I told you there was no placement to remedy the thing? Plants or a windchime wouldn't do it, and we couldn't relocate it? In this instance, if it can't be the energy of the surrounds that can overcome negativity, it's the actions we bring to that area of life that will recreate balance.

Experiment results? Outstanding! An action per day may have been overdoing it: we've been getting on better than ever before. But if you sympathised with me at all at the idea of love going out the door... or want to use a great activity to power up your own love & relationships area... I recommend the below.

To create more passion and playfulness in a love relationship, or to draw a love interest closer to you:
Surprise your love interest by leaving rose petals sprinkled all over their bed, or draw them a bath, with instead of bubbles, rose petals floating on top. Dark red roses create the most powerful passion chi in this ritual as they most strongly represent the element Fire.

(For more previously unpublished and proven feng shui actions that really power up the love chi in your home, register to sign up for Feng Shui By The Sea free monthly e-newsletter, here: )




Thursday, April 24, 2008

Feng Shui & Balance for good health

The energies of the day consist of a measurement of each of the five elements- Fire. Earth. Metal. Water. Wood.

It's like each day is... bolognese sauce. (What?) Yes! Every day's like a fresh-made bolognese sauce. The recipe's the same, same ingredients, same prep technique's been used, but when you taste it, one day it's saltier. Another day it's spicier. Another day, sweeter.

So as your "bolognese sauce" day unfolds, and you notice it doesn't taste just right, what do you need to do? Add the right ingredient - the right element- to make it the way you like it.

Okay, so, real-life example:

Problem: You notice today... you feel lack-lustre. You've forgotten what you're doing this (job, project) for anyway. Life feels hum-drum.

Cure: Your "Bolognese"- ie, your day, needs Fire energy. Bring out the candles tonight, put on your red lingerie, pour yourself a glass of red wine or go for a visit to the sauna. Adds inspiration and new zest for living.

Problem: You notice today... nobody seems to understand you. You're not getting any emails. No-one seems to be returning your calls. You can't concentrate.

Cure: Your day needs Metal energy. Hop in your car at lunchtime and listen to your favourite music. Call a friend you haven't spoken to in ages. Plan your next holiday. All of these boost communication & helpful friends energy.

Problem: You notice today... you've only got so many resources, and everyone wants a piece of you! You feel dumped on by others' duties and responsibilities. You realise you haven't moven in the direction you wanted to go, in ages!

Cure: Your day needs Water energy. Drink some cool water, and find a picture of a waterfall to look at for a few minutes to relax your eyes. Draw yourself a long bath- this all restores an even flow to your life and bring personal power.

Problem: You notice today... your mind's full of worry. Family issues or your health seem more important or urgent than usual.

Cure: Your day needs Wood energy. Ask your lover to bring you home bunch of fresh-cut flowers or buy some yourself. Spend some time relaxing around trees and in nature. Arrange your flowers or a display of fruit beautifully in your home. These activate family, health and abundance chi.

Problem: You notice today... you're forgetful. Or you're fixated or one person or situation that makes you mad. Or you're fidgety, argumentative and inneffective.

Cure: Your day needs Earth energy. Carry a quartz crystal around with you, and eat foods that come from the ground if you can, such as a baked potato or lentil soup. These actions have excellent stabilising qualities and help things get done.

Enjoy your perfect-tasting day!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Secret to Anything

(Regarding anything you want in life-)

“It is not a question of whether you’ll get it or not…

the question is only when you will get it…

and the when answer is as soon as you come into vibrational alignment with it

and the practical answer to that is as soon as you can think about what it is that you want and feel good when you’re thinking about it.”


"The healing process has begun the moment we begin to think about making a change."
-from Louise L Hay's "You can heal your life".

Feng Shui for... assassination?

Could it be?

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto purchased a Manhattan apartment with a history of bad energy a year before she died. The apartment’s former owner reveals Bhutto was planning to change the feng shui…

Visit for complete speculation.

Feng Shui Dubai

If you’re in Dubai over the 25th-26th April, why not drop into the UAE’s only Arabian home show, Al Bayt Al Arabie, at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre? On both days at 5.30pm, there’s a feng shui talk and demonstration by feng shui artist Proshat Sarablou. There’s also a “modern urban” DIY art studio, artwork for sale, the Dubai Bride Show, plus the first Healthcare show especially for women in the UAE happening at the same venue at the same time!

It’s great to hear about feng shui practitioners and their businesses elsewhere in the middle east. The exhibition organiser says of the presence of Proshat Sarablou, “This is a great opportunity for our visitors to have another perspective on how to decorate their home. Feng shui is a very old and respected art and can help provide the inspiration to make your home feel perfect.”

It’s a wonderful day in the world of feng shui!
For more details, visit

Feng Shui Nightmare, revisited

Oh dear, oh dear, a new feng shui nightmare. We’ve got a brand new bug-zapper in our relationship corner.

Do you notice that when you’re making progress in any area, something can come out of the blue to test your new resolve? It can often happen around the time of the full moon, as this has. So much lovely feng shui progress has come on at late at Feng Shui By The Sea HQ- all the herbs are growing up marvellously, we’ve had a second blooming of the sweetest smelling roses and I‘ve written before about the new feng shui mirror that hangs in the South. It was becoming that the warm fuzzy home feeling wouldn’t even leave me when I looked at the Ducati 1098s in the dining room…

However, the universe threw a curve ball last night. Husby dug his heels in about the amount of insect life being attracted inside due to the warmer weather and my aversion to fly spray. So he’s erected a large electric-blue-lit, buzzing bug zapper in our relationship area, the kitchen in this home. When a bug enters, it’s instantly killed with an almighty "crack!” In case you need further convincing, here are the reasons it’s bad feng shui:

1. Full of buzzing electricity, with a bright blue florescent bulb
2. It’s made of metal in an Earth area
3. It attracts, then kills, living things
4. I hate it. (Remember, anything you don't feel comfortable with in your home, can't be attracting positive energy to you.)

It was instant loss of positive chi. We had a great big fat fight and though didn’t go to sleep angry there’s a tension that just wasn’t present before my new “present” entered the home. I have to tell you I don’t have the feng shui cure yet. It can’t be relocated to another, more practical spot. It cant be covered, or combated by plant placement (if I put plants around it, more bugs will be attracted, and more killing ensue). I appreciate that Husby wants to keep our home free from pests and it’s not a pesticide. But it will continue to mean, from now on, no good energy circulating in our relationship area, and a gradual deterioration of our partnership chi.

One thing is certain. Our biggest challenges are our biggest opportunities. This challenge is a call from the Universe to step up, and take progess to an even greater level.

So, what to do? Do I make peace by agreeing with Husby that the bug zapper is a practical and conveniently located appliance; thereby making my relationship good seemingly… but allowing something that will create the relationship’s slow death, without doubt? Or do I do something I’ve never done before- ask him to change a clear preference he has, for feng shui reasons, and to please get rid of it, not just for me, but for us? Feng Shui here just happens around Husby, you see, things positioned correctly, enhancements brought in and put in place, and til now he's been saying "Nice decor, sweetie!" & basking in the benefits. :))

(FYI- I’m not gonna break the bug-zapper on purpose. Great idea- but bad, bad karma.)

A beautiful affirmation on my bathroom mirror reminds me daily, “I release others to experience whatever is meaningful to them, and I am free to create that which is meaningful to me.” This non-interference underpins my life. Is it compatible with what I know to be true in feng shui?

There is a fourth option- a path of no resistance. Byron Katie would call it “Loving what is.” ie. The bug zapper is here. It’s not good for our relationship. Accept that this obstacle exists. Love what is.

What would you do?

“What we resist, persists. What we turn to embrace, either becomes part of us, or dissolves into nothing.”

Until the answer becomes clear, I am going to put my knowledge of the Law of Attraction into action around the matter. I'm going to raise my vibration in an attempt to match the energy of having a home I’m completely comfortable to be in, and a wonderful love relationship. To do this, I am going to give thanks in advance for the easy and beautiful way my home is pest-free. I am going to give thanks in advance for a relationship wherein we cherish the beliefs of each other. I’m going to really feel in my body that “All is well. I am safe,” and, “My home is a happy and comfortable space to be”. Because like energy attracts like energy. When I’m feeling good, I can’t help but attract good. Let’s see what this creates.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feng Shui & Crystals

You may think that you can’t attract good feng shui in an expat home because you’re in transition, you don’t have the furniture or accessories you want here, and you’re not willing to get anything specific. I do urge you, if this is the case, to pick up some crystals which are small and easy to carry, but in my experience will bring you excellent and very powerful energy in the home.

The most important ones are mentioned below.

Hematite in 2008 is particularly important as it activates a lovely romance and career flying star when placed in the west.
Ideally, four pieces should be placed in each direction: South West, North West, South East, and North east, together with a lucky coin (any lucky coin picked up on your travels, and especially one with a hole in the middle) placed in the centre of the home. This is the powerful “Taiyang” enhancer.

Rose quartz in the centre of the home in 2008 ensures good health and prevents accidents. In general it is a stone which attracts loving energy exchange in relationships.

Clear quartz crystals, in your love corner, and also the East, are excellent to keep fresh energy moving through, bringing happiness and laughter. A hanging clear quartz crystal enhances fertility.

Sodalite is a water stone which can be used to enhance abundance instead of a water feature or fish tank. Also good for health.

Citrine- the money stone- makes abundance easy to come by and financial matters more enjoyable.

Amethyst is the Helpful Friends & Travel stone. Enhances communication skills, intuitive abilities and is an excellent supporter of women’s health.

Lastly, no home should be without a piece of Jade or Tigers eye for protection. Both at the front door are excellent protectors.

I have stock of all these stones should you wish to place them in your home. Please email me to should you want them for your home.

Friday, April 18, 2008

No arguments.

Because it's so important to remind ourselves of the basics... 101 things that really matter to create a good-energy life.

If fighting's a problem in your home:

  1. Make sure all sharp objects, like knives and scissors, are kept out of sight in every room, especially the kitchen; the hub of family communication.

  2. Go into the space each family member frequents. Have a look to see whether any sharp corners are pointing in the direction which they sleep or towards where they like to sit on a regular basis. Soften these corners by covering with a brightly coloured cloth, placing a plant in front, or moving the offending furniture.

  3. Lose all the cactus and spiny plants in the house. No ifs or buts- they've got to go!

These three little actions will dramatically cut the Sha'chi, or negative energy in your home. They will reduce the "prickliness" of an individual and stop "finger pointing" and "needling" among family members. Share the symbolism of what you've done with all your family, and watch their faces light up with understanding. This in itself is priceless :)



The Three types of Luck

Because it's so important to remind ourselves of the basics, 101 things that really matter to create a good-energy life.

1. Feng Shui is the third type of cosmic energy that can bring us fortune. The first, and most powerful, is, unfortunately, out of our control. It is the destiny forecast or stars we were born under, called Heaven Luck.

The second cosmic energy is Man Luck. We are all familiar with this; it's epitomised in the saying, "The harder I work, the luckier I get." When we take advantage of our opportunities and succeed, this is good Man Luck.

The final cosmic energy of influence in all our lives is Feng Shui- the power of placement. Although of less influence than the first two, it is an essential force that, when tapped, can significantly alter our Life's Fortune.

I recently did a feng shui personal report for a client who had enjoyed excellent success when her home and office was feng shui'ed in San Francisco. Life is hiccuppng along in her new location, and she wanted some more flow. After looking at her Heaven Luck with a short Four Pillars of Destiny reading (Four Pillars is a school of feng shui primarily concerned with dates and timings), I was overwhelmed with her savviness to get feng shui on side. Without the proper support of Heaven- because she wasn't, like most of us, born under the luckiest stars- she was having a hard time relying on her Man Luck alone!

Now, with feng shui recommendations to put in place, she will have two out of the three cosmic energies on her side, and will find life has alot more to offer her.

Do you begin to see how even the smallest change to improve the feng shui in your home can bring you more good luck in life?

P.S. How are you doing with your Gratitude journal- the single most powerful enhancement I've ever encountered to increase the abundance in our lives? Have you attracted some lovely new things?

Remember to really feel the powerful emotion of thanks for whatever it is you've got- or would like to have- in your life when you're making your list of tn things for which you're grateful for each morning. That feeling is your one connection to the universe- it's what's real, and all else of this life is simply the stage and play you've created from that.

blessings to you-


Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Margaritaville

Margaritaville. I first heard the song on a rainy, windswept morning cosy in bed on the Isle of Man. I hardly knew that soon I'd be living in Caribbean, where the rum punch and calypso music would be the only man-made things of beauty that surrounded me for a few months.

And last night we enjoyed a lovely few hours in Margaritaville, Doha.
Have you been? It's the place where you've got friends with a blender and a bottle of tequila (or in this case, vodka).

You can't make Margaritas and drink them on your own. I know Jimmy Buffet tried to. But Margaritas are twinned with with celebration and good times. You can take the tequila out and replace it with vodka, line the rim with salt, sugar, or nothing at all. Add strawberries, lime or lemon, but anywhichway you blend it up, the icy sour slush... together with the fun company it never fails to attract, creates a special place in space and time- and there you have it- your own Margaritaville.

Good feng shui is the pursuit of positive energy. A happy life is a string of happy moments.
Jimmy Buffet wasn't happy with his Margaritaville- it didn't have the real essence- because he was alone.

Recipe for a happy life?

  • Find someone that makes you happy.
  • Then you two someones find more someones that make you happy.
  • Have margarita nights.

Recipe for Heidi's margaritas?

  • Triple Sec
  • Vodka
  • Lime margarita mix
  • Plenty of ice

Feng Shui for Love happens- Here's how:
A rose quartz carried with you attracts more love from all sources into your life. Couple it up by carrying a clear quartz with you too, and you'll have fun whilst attracting more love.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

For Lovers and Soon-to-be's

Why do girls love getting flowers?

Because it softens our heart.
It reminds us of our true nature, of beauty and love and peace.
It tells us to relax.

There is no way of saying more clearly to a woman “I think you’re beautiful. I trust you. I treasure you.”

Feng-shui wise, with their gentle wood energy, flowers are a natural de-charger. The softness and delicacy of their petals soothe fractured chi. Their presence enhances communication, the surest way to overcome misunderstandings.

When a man gives a woman flowers, it represents his own vulnerability. He is unconsciously asking the woman to adore, admire and care for his own unique and special beauty. He is saying, I love you. Love me, too?

Many of the flowers Husby brings me are picked off a bush he’s walked past. It reminds me of when I used to go for walks as a little girl and always bring my mummy back a different flower. Alot of them were weeds, but she always acted delighted! It almost makes me cry when he presents me with some strange bud he’s plucked from the side of the road. Such a sweet gesture, as if saying, “This is all I have to show you I think you’re beautiful. I love you. Love me too?”

Of course I do. More every day.

In front of me, his gift from yesterday, a long-stemmed red rosebud (the bit of my brain that says, "where did he nick this one from?" I'm telling to be quiet), slowly opens.

I remember when I didn’t know if I’d ever receive flowers again, from anyone I cared about. Feeling lonely, washed up and so single, to look around now at the love in my life and back at the amazing turn of events since then, I feel truly blessed. This feeling inspires me to write about the changes of mind and energy that caused such a complete turnaround, and if you’re single, the same changes will do the same for you.

The way to love is a journey, and if we keep stepping in the right direction, we’ll arrive at our destination.

Would you like to begin a journey to more love in your life?

  1. Ask to receive a flower from your lover today.
    If you’re lover-less, bring yourself a beautiful bloom.

  2. Open your heart to love every time you look at it.

This is the first way.

more will follow! feng shui for love... happens. Yipppeeee!!!

with love to you,


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Come to bed

"So we would give forgiveness a new definition. We would say, the ultimate way of forgiving is really forgetting; and the ultimate way of forgetting, really is by remembering something you want to remember. "


South & The Fame Game

The South is a tricky area this year according to Flying Star feng shui. We should not sit directly facing it, do renovations there, or use this direction as our main door. Ignoring the flying stars can lead to the activation of powerfully negative energy which brings unlucky circumstances in 2008.

But what if you actually want to enhance this area without drawing bad luck? The South direction is vital for anyone in the media industry, actors, artists, and those who make their business from “word of mouth” referrals, as well as anyone looking to ascend their corporate ladder. It represents “Fame”- as in, “Good fame & character”, or Personal Success.

Inspecting the south area of my home this morning, things looked bleak. There's a drain blocked up with leaves and what looks like a years worth of dust blown in from all over the compound... and I really- as in, reallyreallyreallyreally and truly) want to power-up the energy of the South this year, for publication of two books- Feng Shui By The Sea's Love Secrets and Feng Shui By The Sea's Abundance Secrets ASAP, and the book tours and promotions that will be so enjoyable to do with them.
Q. So, what to do?
A. Nothing short of the best-celebrity feng shui enhancements you’ve used before, Samantha- and some black hat feng shui, too!

If you have a creative goal too, and want to win your own “Fame Game” this year; here they begin...

  1. To guard against bad luck, hang a metal wind-chime in this direction. A three-legged Pi- Yao (traditional feng shui statue) will also keep this area peaceful.
  2. The element EARTH should be used to keep the Flying Star energy steady whilst you empower the natural FIRE energy of the south. Place terracotta pots or natural rocks in the area for this.
  3. THE best way to attract Fame in the South is to hang a round, convex mirror, which allows your work to be spread to the largest number of people, in exceptionally good energy. If you can’t find a convex mirror, any round mirror with a gold or silver frame will also work well.

4. Red (the usual choice) is too strong for the direction this year. So decorate with shades of rich purple or mahogany, which can also bring Wealth from Fame, unlike many reality TV shows.

5. Placing plants in this direction which don’t need much maintenance (a large indoor ficus is a good choice, as it likes being left alone) inspires creativity and enhances communication skills with the addition of the element Wood to the fire direction of the South.

In practise, to re-work the anti-fame energy at my house, here's what I've done: Four big sandstone blocks in the South area stop dusty leaves skipping up the driveway now. A metal wind-chime sways in the breeze, and there’s a conifer in a wicker basket placed here. Inside, upstairs and reflecting another plant (remember, your mirror should always reflect something you’d like more of in your life, and not stairs, the front door, a bathroom or rubbish bin) a silver-framed round mirror invites Personal Success chi… as well as the black hat cures I’ve recommended for my actor clients in Australia, below:

There are two other very effective feng shui techniques which will turn the Law of Attraction to working towards your increased Fame & Personal Success to go with these recommendations, which I want to share with you in my free newsletter. Tick the box when you open this link, and you’ll be on my mailing list to receive them.

Love and looking forward to your autograph!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Moon Cure for Prosperity

Tomorrow's a brand new moon! Are you ready to become a magnet to increased abundance?

28 days of performing an activity creates a habit, and there is no more powerful time to commence a positive new habit than the new moon.
The most powerful Prosperity ritual I have witnessed- and experienced- in the past two years is the Gratitude List. If you, or someone you love, seeks more abundance in their life or even just "enough to go round"; set them this task:

Every day, for 28 days ideally beginning tomorrow, Thursday April 3's new moon, write down ten things for which you are grateful for. These things can be as simple as for a restful nights sleep, or delicious cup of coffee. What we focus on, grows. The Gratitude list focuses our awareness of things in our life we are already blessed by, and so powerfully activates the law of attraction to draw more and more things to be grateful for into our lives.
It works, because, the law of attraction is a result of the law of focus. Whatever it is we're focusing on, as long as we're feeling an emotional match, we're drawing it into our lives. So besides the extra effective (and feng shui specific) ways we can super-charge this ritual, which I want to share with you in my newsletter- what do you think has to be a key factor in making your Gratitude List? Thats right- really feeling grateful. So instead of drumming it out like a grocery list, instead, describe the feeling of Gratitude you have, like this:
I'm so grateful when... I close my eyes at night and breathe in the smell of crisp sheets, and husby wraps his arms around me...
I'm happy and grateful when... I come downstairs in the morning and throw open the back door, and still-cool air and birdsong greets me...
How blessed am I??!!!

At the end of 28 days, you will look back with shock on all the new goodness you have attracted into your life. And I guarantee, you will be leading a more abundant life than you do at this moment in time.

STEP IT UP! to find out 3 simple ways you can make this ritual even more effective, tick the box to receive your free April newsletter from Feng Shui By The Sea, when you click here: