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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winning the lottery with the Law of Attraction

'til yesterday, I've always been confused by Abraham-Hick's advice from the non-physical: "It's as easy to create a castle as a button.  It just depends on whether you're focused on a castle, or a button."

I'll have a castle! how 'bout you?

Rather than something so... definite, most of us fantasise at some point in our lives about winning the lottery.  What if we buy lottery tickets every week and we dream of winning the lottery?  What if we incessently talk about it and it's all we can think about?  This is focus, right?

It would seem so from our human perspective.

Yet the Law of Attraction doesn't listen to words, or dreams, or promises to give the filling-station attendant ten percent, and what a lovely person I am!  I deseve to win the lottery!

The universe listens to our vibration.  If we are vibrating...

"I have so many wonderful ideas and there's so much opportunity, I need to win the lottery..."

We're not vibrating the essence of winning the lottery.  We may be in the orchestra, but we're not in tune.  No manner of number combinations are going to come up unless we match the vibration that is winning the lottery.    This isn't speaking from experience, but from feeling, and the law of attraction and the vibration of a lottery win resonate a vibration of these such feelings:   lucky.  unexpected.  confusing.  opportunity.  restriction. responsibility.

Do these words match your vibration?  In other words- are these your matching feelings and emotions, most of the time?

If so, you're close to a lottery win.

If not- and most of us don't like to feel these turbulent emotions, most of the time- let's go back to the castle or the button idea.  Nothing is beyond our reach, and it doesn't take a lottery win to make it happen to us. but need doesn't come into it, gentle "wouldn't it be nice... daydreams, fantasies and real-life experiences do.

What are you focusing on- and most prettily, what are you feeling good about attracting- that is bringing your desires for freedom and security to you?

picture of Lulworth Castle

How many seconds of pure positive visualisation or thought do you need to begin the cycle of attraction of something new into your life?  The answer is in the Feb cheat sheet, now out- please register for your free copy by placing your email address on this page's top right hand corner!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, we tend to forget and focus incorrectly. I have had some amazing things manifest when getting the thoughts right and really it was more than coincidence.