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Monday, April 19, 2010

a new home by the sea

we will shortly be moving into a new home by the sea... an apartment, it's got loads of potential- high ceilings, an abundance of open plan living/dining and in need of a refreshed kitchen and bathroom decor... here are a few looks I'm feeling right now, do you like them?

grey walls, dark wood floors and white skirting and ceiling speak of elegance to me...

this room is almost identical in shape and size to a presently empty living space!

i picture keeping it light and bright, so we'll glimpse our ocean view from way across the other side of the room...

isn't a white floor calming?

we plan to put in a fireplace- chimney no object...on a South wall, of course

Exciting times ahead!

inspirational rooms from emma's design blogg, my scandinavian retreat and a diary of lovely.  thank you!

1 comment:

Attracting Abundance said...

What beautiful images - this looks very similar to my ideal home. Bright and tranquil.