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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Real magic on Hallow's evening- making your dreams real

as dark closes in quietly, in a pale grey kind of way, i realise just a little too late that we are in that very special evening of the year- the all soul's evening, the Hallowe'en

I don't know if you feel like I do, but I have always loved the myth and mystery shrouding the truth that Anything is Possible.  This night- Halloween- and every night's night and dawn used to hold more promise when we hadn't got anything we wanted yet, and it was all in the future.  But in times of heightened desire, which these all are to us; I don't know what you are wishing for, but it could be

Better health
A more loving and challenging career with creative expression
A perfect relationship
Home & Family...

it's tempting when things are on an even keel to keep them there in the harbour-don't rock the boat by wanting too much, isn't it?  Lifes waters in this way can stay smooth for a while, especially when they have been turbulent for you.  Perhaps the trick is here not to let the feeling of inertia drown you, when you are used to the oxygenated bumps.  When we desire something but not so much that we'll inconvenience ourselves, the way forward is always to Make the Dream Bigger.  See you don't need to have a real- shortage to make a change.  So let's not create one, a real turbulence.  Making the Dream Bigger comes through really the enjoyment of thinking it through.  How would it make your life better?  In what ways would you enjoy it?  How might it enter your life (stay open!)?  Are you ready for it?  What will be the best bits?  What problems would it solve (stay feeling good!)?

Wishing upon a star works, because we clarify what we really want.  Thinking and talking positive works, because we are putting ourselves in a happy reality- and naturally, our environment has to respond.  Moreover, should we act- by dressing up, or wearing a poppy, or anything that is an "act"- it's not real until we are.  Bonfires can't ward of poverty if we feel poor inside.  Witches and fairies can't bring us evil or madness unless that desire exists in us.  This Halloween I am lighting my jam jars in pink, red and yellow to show community spirit and an honour to the farmers, who I know, at last have the resources they need not to worry about how harsh the winter may be.  And of course, to remember my own magic.

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