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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Norway for new year? No, it's Your Way.

Hello beautifuls,

Happy Twixmas!  Are you finding it difficult?   Lots of us come down with a bump when dreams of bestest presents, happy families, quality conversation and even good weather expectations wouldn't, just couldn't be met.  The magic of Christmas makes us believe it could be so, but the magic of real-life means that the turkey gets burned and we end up eating roasties with bacon and eggs- laughing and making memories unprecedented!  

Instead of blaming ourselves and soothing that feeling of inadequacy with shop-shop-shop, you also could "don't do as I do", and set yourself up three weeks beforehand for disappointment.  

They say a cynic is a idealist who has had their heart trampled on.  The bitter shell of cynicism keeps us safe from feeling the magic and joy, not just of Christmas, but every day.  how sad.

I beg of you not to let disappointment you have suffered get in the way of your brilliant dreams and plans for the most stunning of years ahead, 2012.  We're still a few days away!  

There is still time to step away from the loveliness/chaos/fretful mind...

 into the quiet empty space where you yearn

to really pense about what a truly darling 2012 will look like for you.

Space comes first.  In the sanctity of your bathroom.  Your bath, even!  Your garden shed.  Your car parked in your favourite tree lined street, mobile phone turned off, no-one knowing where you are.  Just you.  And your shot at bliss.

A few questions I'm considering as a recovering cynic.  I'm not shouting to the world what this year will bring to me.  I'm even not offering up my soul for the use of God, this time.  I'm walking towards the light.  I'm feeling the pull of the yearn.  I'm finding safe guides.  I'm beginning, ever so gently, to put pressure on myself again.  For time is short my friends.  And it is the only thing we cannot get back...

Join me on the path to feeling your way to a truly darling 2012 in two easy ways...

1.  Find your animal totem.
The red robin's message includes understanding the power of happiness,
and being a guide for growth and renewal.
When we are full of spirit & humour no coldness can enter. 

ONE power animal guides and leads us through the year.  This creature has so much wisdom and is so pure of heart, I urge you to find it.  It's not domesticated:  you may already know what your power animal of 2012 is.  Otherwise, it is an animal you may come across; in your walks, in paintings or stories, in a vague inkling that you want to know more about them.  may I recommend a book and friend on this journey?:  "What the Walrus knows" by Sarah Bamford Seidelman.  

you need neither, but their beautiful presence in your life will open so much bizarre beauty.  Find your 2012 animal.  How?  Ask the angels before you sleep to show it to you.  (This is how I found mine, as well as much yearnings to see him on my walks, on a wintry branch, then in the first scene of the movie Gladiator, which we watched last night)  Next, google your animal as "Spirit Totem" ... and find out your message & guidance for 2012.

2.  What would be too painful to even consider for you, this time next year?
We can live day in and out running to patch up messes that could pull "life as we know it" to bits...or be so busy shining a new path and helping others that nothing can disturb our peace of course.  This is why we need to know what we want, and promise ourselves the worthiness to get it.  Maybe you have had disappointments this year.  

Are you willing to be in the same place this time next year?  Are you willing to let that happen again?  
Who are you really, and how do you live?

what's your year-end message, inspiring one?    and have you found your power animal?  I'd love to know! do share!

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