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Monday, July 19, 2010

Women, Food & God- and inner feng shui

Since hearing about it, I've been fascinated by the idea of Geneen's book, "Women, Food and God."  If you've ever wondered if you spend too much energy thinking about food or admonished yourself for eating, reviews highly recommed it.  You can get a sample chapter here...

I read the sample chapter.  And this bit, below, reminded me of what the difference is, in having feng shui in our lives, all around us, but more importantly- within us, and what is not- which I think is the case, for Geneen's client:

(Geneen in response to a client, a lawyer, saying she overeats when she feels "deficient")

Deficiency sounds awful, but is it?  What does it feel like? 
Is it a big hole in her stomach? Her chest? Does it feel like everything
has dropped away and she’s holding on to the edge of a huge abyss
about to fall in? If she stops trying to hold on and lets herself fall, what
would happen? (Remember that all of these are images in her mind.
She’s not really holding onto the edge of an abyss, she’s probably sitting
in a chair. She wouldn’t actually fall anywhere, in her mind, if she
let herself “fall.”) Is emptiness the experience of space or is it something
else? If it’s space and she feels it directly—in her body where it
resides—she might notice if there was anything that is actually scary
  or if it's a story she is telling herself."
When you fall- how is the space that supports you?  Are you lifted up on angels' wings, or bounced into a fluffy cloud? At the bottom of your Abyss, are there a team of superheros waiting to catch you and crown you as one of their own?  Once you feel secure that nothing in your environment can harm you and only good energy is coming your way, less demons in general do taunt.

pic:  me n hairy biker Dave Myers at the Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival 2009.

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