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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some warmth for the weekend! +Vitamin D & Massage

Happy weekend, lovelies!

we found Oranges by the side of the road and added them to our delicious store of Florida winter fruits...
I'm sitting here in my swimming costume here in Cocoa beach, Florida, as raindrops pitter-patter on palm leaves. I feel so blessed for the first time in months to drink in the fresh smell of green humid air and remembering the kisses of sunshine enjoyed over the past week.

Here's an article I know you'll enjoy which so clearly shows what many of us- whether we're athletes or wellness practitioners- have trouble explaining- how massage makes tired muscles feel better.  Just an aside... biology geeks at heart, as husby and I drive around the sunshine state, I'm hanging out the windows shouting, "Bougainvillea!  Hibiscus!" as he's leaning out the other window shouting, "Buzzard!  Bald-headed eagle!" (birds his specialty, lol)  There's alot of biology happening as we release pain through massage and it can even explain how when we bump ourselves, rubbing it can feel better.

Do you find it easier to be healthy when it's warmer?  Perhaps it's wearing less clothes that makes us more conscious of our bodies; or that the warmer air encourages us to drink more liquids; or that the warm-weather selection of fruits and vegetables are so much more tempting than their winter cousins.  For me, the answer is YES.

Feeling the healing power, I encourage you to be warm this weekend! 

How, in a cold climate? A few simple ways:   

  1. Turning up the heating, whilst not the most enviro-friendly recommendation, is often good for the body and the smiling spirit of the soul.  
  2. Place a glass or ceramic dish of water, perhaps with a few drops of essential oils such as orange and eucalyptus for their uplifting, refreshing scents, in front or on top of the heating to humidify the air which is often as dry as it is cold on frosty days.
  3. Invite someone you'd like to get to know better to share the healing power of massage.  Even a hand or foot massage is hugely beneficial to stimulate circulation which releases stagnant energy and gets toxins moving out of your system!

And if you are in a warmer climate like me, go outside and soak up some sunshine.  15 minutes a day of exposure to a major body area like the arms, legs or back absorbs the vitamin D we need for body balance.  Are you tempted to supplement, having heard that vitamin D deficiency, common in cold dark climates, worsens auto-immune symptoms and can cause depression ?  Please read this helpul article first by Dr Mercola!

warmly yours,


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