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Friday, June 20, 2008

Meditation on a Feng Shui Phone

Love it? Hate it? Ambivalent?

Here's a picture of the original "feng shui phone" which came out earlier this year. Now, it has a competitor, which has just been launched, which looks like a black laquer box, with a gold dragon and pearl on the cover. Take a look on the link below- what do you think?

Are we looking in the right direction for a positive-energy life here?

I'm not even tempted. But it has inspired me to think about just how important our cell/mobile/blackberry/palm pilots are to us. I've just spent two weeks overseas without a phone, after purchasing a special international sim chip that promised the earth... and didn't even deliver the EU.

And those two weeks without a phone was good feng shui. Walking about, I felt free. When I had to wait, I felt patient. There were none of those moments when my battery was running low, and needed more juice, like, NOW. No times where I discovered I'd missed a call and began to think what did they want? was it urgent??

Writing this now, with (it's working again!) mobile phone in sight, I feel like the monk who'd been meditating on a mountain in solitude for five years. I'm so peaceful and serene, he thinks, I'm enlightened! So he decides to recommence his life in the village... comes down from the mountain... And as soon as he arrives, feels his frustration rising up with the taxi driver... a flash of anger at a rude passer-by...

"Peace. It doesn't mean being in a place where there is no noise, dust or hard work. It means to be in the midst of these things and still be calm in your heart"

The spiritual challenge isn't to remove all obstacles to peace. It's more to live in this modern world and feel at peace.

So... I've just had a change of heart. If the Feng Shui Phone can make any of us feel more blessed or peaceful in the middle of a hurry-scurry world, it is a valuable tool indeed for a positive-energy life.

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