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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Power of a Dream Board

If you've read or seen the movie The Secret you'll probably remember what a dream or vision board is. It's a place where any images that excite, delight or inspire you are kept- somewhere you see every day. You can gather the images from magazines, newspapers, your own pictures- the only criteria is, you've got to feel really juiced whenever you clap eyes on it. These images are words, or things you love- things you'd like to have in your life and make you feel good whenever you think about. A dream board directs your focus to that which you want to see appear in your life and- like magic- the law of attration delivers them to you.

Not rightaway, you understand. There exists a "buffer of time" in our time/space reality where (luckily) a degree of resistance has to be overcome before our desires materialise in our life. But, when we keep on focusing on them and feeling good about them, they are delivered. The only way we interrupt this process- the only way we can stop it happening- is when we turn our attention to something else, or when we focus on not having what we want. Hence the reason why Dream Boards are so powerful- we see them every day (so they are always reminding us want we want), and we're to look at them and feel really, really good, knowing, this is our future, and it's heading our way!

Did you know... you can enhance the power of your Dream board by placing it in the South, the fame & recognition area of your home? By sticking red paper to the back and placing it, according to the Eight Mansions school of feng shui, in the vicinity of your main door, you'll speed up the rate at which the things you desire appear in your life.

One more thing- the amount of positive energy having a dream board generates in your life daily is just amazing. If you don't have one, you need to make one, fast! This lesson was "hit home" to me earlier this year, when I had the services of the amazing Passionate Life Coach, Pamela Mattsson (

I had been curious about life coaching and wanted to try it, and when I read Pamela's great articles on, I knew she was the one! One of our assignments was for me to complete a vision board- in 3 hours. She explained this was to short-circuit the perfectionist within us that procrastinates and doesn't compete anything until it's perfect. I dutifully fulfilled my "assignment", and now enjoy one of the nicest dreamboards I've ever had. Placed in the South, of course...

So, what are you waiting for? You've got 3 hours- go!

Any questions, feel free to comment, or send me an email...

"It’s the vibrational essence that brings all of the details. And the details will come exactly as you defined them.
But when you let the Universe mix the cake as you’ve been adding the ingredients, the cake that you eat is more delicious than anything you have been able to imagine.
The Universe (is) able to take every piece of everything you ever wanted and reflect it back to you in the most wonderful way."


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