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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Previously Unpublished feng shui tips for love

June's "Creating Your deliciously Auspicious Life" cheat sheet's ready for you! Have you registered for your copy yet?

This month it's powerful feng shui tips for Love- how to make friends with a difficult person… how to create your own tantric escape… why your home could be repelling love, and, #3 of the three most powerful tools I know: How to move from loneliness to a loving relationship in 28 days by tapping the power of feng shui and the Law of Attraction.

Wherever you are, wishing you a June filled with love and romance- this newsletter's all about how to fan the flames of passion no matter what the status of your loving relationship!

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You can now order back copies of the Feng Shui By The Sea e-newsletter at US$7.95 each and you can include a friends birth-date and postal address in your email to have a beautifully personalized hard-copy gift posted anywhere in the world. It's a chance to share April's best secret: How to move from the energy of scarcity to abundance in 28 days, and May's unique process that has worked for many of my clients:
How to move from sickness or fatigue to health. And as promised, here's number 3 of the best feng shui tools I know: How to move from loneliness to a loving relationship, again in less than a month.

If you're considering sending someone who struggles with one of these areas of their life a present, check out the double guarantee at the end, and you will realise, as I know, that this feng shui will change your life, and the life of all those open to it..

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Edan Larson McNeil said...


i have heard of Tantra and other ancient Indian arts and i have purchased some books from amazon regardig this topic. its actualy interesting but an old Indian Hindu told me that if anyone wants to master tantra, they cant do it through just reading a book. he said they must have a Guru.