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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy New Moon!

... the last new moon of 2008.

Old folk law holds that a tablespoon of sunflower oil, slurped into the mouth first thing in the morning and rinsed around in there for as long as possible, de-activates negative energy in the body and takes on all the toxins we need to be rid of. Don't be surprised at it's colour when you spit the oil out; it will have turned white, and where it falls no grass will grow.

It's been a wonderful season, moon-wise, for celebrations this year. The moon was waning over Christmas, which means despite indulging, we won't have put on weight as easily as we will over the next week or so (when the moon is waxing). The commencement of 2009 will shortly occur when the moon will be waxing in Aquarius (sun sign Capricorn)- wonderful for setting career and save-the-world goals. It's a great time to form new habits that will really stick!

If you can- i usually bend- a fasting, juice or fruit-only day on new moons and full moons does the world of good for a body. On a day like today the body's ability to release toxins is at it's peak. Have a cathartic experience if you can! Set a new goal, mourn a loss- with the cure-all, salt water "tears, sweat or the sea"- surprise, or push yourself. It's time to let whatever's been in your experience these past 12 months float on by...

You won't have missed out on this great opportunity to begin afresh, moon-wise, til the next full moon on Jan 11. To plan your auspicious activities and avoid not-so-wise ones on this day, you can click on the date here.


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