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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Unremarkable? it's beautiful here.

"... Others, after the natural expansion that comes with growing up has run
it's course, lead an outwardly unremarkable, seemingly more passive, and
relatively uneventful existence.

They would rather return home that go out. They have no desire to get
strongly involved in, or change the world. If they have any ambitions,
they usually don't go beyond finding something to do that gives them a degree of
independence. Some of them find it hard to fit into this world. Some
of them are lucky enough to find a protective niche...

There is no place for them, it seems, in our contemporary
civilisation. On the arising new earth, however, their role is just as
vital as the creators, the do-ers, the reformers. .. I call them
. They are here to generate consciousness through the activities of
daily life, through their interactions with others as well as through "just

In this way, they endow the seemingly insignificant with profound
meaning. Their task is to bring spacious stillness into this world by
being absolutely present in whatever they do. .. Their purpose is to do
everything in a sacred manner. As each human being is an integral part of
the collective human consciousness, they effect the world much more deeply than
is visible on the surface of their lives."

-Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

Thank you for visiting, thank you for your comments and questions. Your curious energy, seeking the divine, seeking the beautiful life, is making a difference whether you want to believe it, or not.

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