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Friday, December 26, 2008

Something Special

Perhaps like you, I believe many of the loveliest things to do with this time of year arrive as surprises or as pleasant after thoughts...

I hope you will enjoy this link, a special (Christmas) e-card and one that would be so so perfect if it were originally sent from Feng Shui By The Sea! But instead it's from the really lovely Natio skin care company.

and because I've had such fun recently, sticky-beaking at other people's seasons pictures (like these!)... In the name of sharing, here's a few images from our special day yesterday. My beautiful Santa Claus arrived by helicopter and had been shopping at Tiffany's..

Wishing you a peaceful and magical time with those you love best!




zooms said...

Belated Season's Greetings
to you and yours Samantha
and thank you for everything that you share with us. You must be an angel. x

Samantha Honey said...

bless you Zooms! Enjoy your Caribbean holiday season!