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Thursday, June 4, 2009

June Competition!

Isn't it refreshing to meet someone who loves the work they do? I wanted to share with you the thoughts of someone called Daisy. Her delightful outlook is inspiring no matter how we earn our living!

So I decided to make it into a competition for subscribers to the June Cheat Sheet- and also, why not?, for you lovely blog readers!
Based on her thoughts below... Can you guess what she does for a living?

Please email your answer by June 20. One lucky correct winner will be sent Feng Shui By The Sea House Healing Crystals (view here) to the value of US$50!

Here's Daisy!

"[what I do] is not a job. It is a lifestyle. It's about being happy, being brave, being diligent, and being yourself. It's about understanding that the people who you work with, eventually become like your extended family. It's true.

I think the best thing about [what I do] is that you get to see the world. For free. You get to spend up to 24 hours with fabulous and gorgeous people. For free. You get to see the world from 35,000 feet up every single day. For free. You get to be social and talk to random and generally lovely people. For free.

You get to smile every single day, for free. In fact, they pay you! For all these things and more, you get paid. What more can you ask for?! What more do you want?!
If like me, you appreciate the stars and the moon in the night sky, then imagine how lucky you'll feel when you see them above the still, calm blanket of cloud.....`Always aim for the moon and if you cannot reach the moon then at least you can say you danced with the stars'. That's what [what I do] is. You get to dance with the stars."

Email me your answer to win! you can also leave a comment below.

And another thing... do you think with an attitude like this her job keeps getting better and better, and more positive attraction is swinging her way? You better believe it! Law of Attraction, voila!
photo 1. via flickr, 2. via scatterjoy. Daisy's credit posted after the comp!

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