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Friday, June 12, 2009

Your Life By The Sea- Gail Pisani

I hope you enjoy this! It's a very special glimpse into the Life By The Sea of one of my favourite people on earth- Gail Pisani.

Something of a guru within the natural health circle of Australia, I met Gail many years ago in my feng shui work and have been blessed to inspect and recommend most places she has subsequently lent her magical, healing touch. She is one of these beings who radiates a deep sense of peace and self-acceptance. And you will discover, as she shares with us below, she is also as playful as a dolphin and light hearted as a fairy!

Gail, where by the sea do you feel most relaxed yet energised?
"I am so blessed to live by the sea at Cronulla (a beachside suburb of Sydney). I have a few favourite places nearby, and they are places where I sit with my back against the warm and solid rocks and I watch the waves rolling endlessly. My eyes feast on the surrounding greenery of grasses and trees. Sometimes I close my eyes and hear the soft breeze, feeling it against my skin, and the warm sunlight kissing me. When the weather is hot, I play in the water in the rock pool, swimming back and forth like a mermaid, and then I lay on the velvety warm sand and float in a daze of quiet contentment.
The feel of the cool water nourishes me, revitalising my blood flow; the warmth of the sun penetrates my central core, and the sights and sounds of my private paradise uplift me. I am at peace and quietly restored.

What is the favourite room in your home, and why?
"The central room in my home is the lounge room, and it is empty, except for a huge picture of a golden Buddha, painted by one of my yoga students as a gift for me. I love this room because it reminds me to continually empty my mind.
It has a little balcony with plants and a buddha statue, and sunlight bathes the room in bliss all day.
All the other rooms are energised by this central room which contains nothing but bliss and emptiness. Sometimes, students come to practice yoga and sit in meditation with me in this womb like room. I enter this room when I come home from an excitable day of social and worldly interactions and it returns me to connection with my inner being, shedding all the busyness of the external world. I enter this room when I wake in the morning, after a night of rich and sensual slumbers and it sets the tone for the day, reminding me to move through the day with gratitude for my life, sourcing my life from this centre of emptiness and bliss.
I enter this room after being in my bathroom of cleansing rituals, and I feel fresh and pure and innocent. I enter this room after honouring my clients with massage or counselling, and I feel humbled by the gifts that I have developed - to be of benefit and service to others."

What an amazing feng shui meditation that room is for you! So, do you have a favourite or lucky object?
"Looking around my current home, I wonder what I have brought with me from my previous home that I would call my favourite or lucky object. I would have to say no - there is no special favourite or lucky object. I could leave here and walk out the door right now and not need to take any special thing with me. Of course, there are many objects in my home that give me pleasure, as they have been given as gifts from those who share love with me.
But I cannot feel an affinity with any one as a favourite. My lucky object is my laughter - it turns any situation into a winner!!"

Beautiful! And what places can you recommend in your local area which offer positive and joyful energy?
"We are blessed with an endless list - but here are just a few....

Shelley park - where the mums and dads, kids and prams, dogs and balls, walkers and swimmers, surfers and divers, come daily to enjoy the facilities and bustling activities by the sea.
Darook Park - where the rowers, lovers, picnic makers, and kookaburras find calm and peaceful time by the Bay, especially great to watch the magnificent sky at sunset.

North Cronulla Kiosk - where the coffee drinkers and early morning surfers and swimmers enjoy the warm sun and pavement chatter as a positive start to the day

South Cronulla Steps - the best place in the Shire to catch the magical morning sunshine and sparkling blue ocean, you can find a quiet spot to be on your own, or join in with the groups of fitness enthusiasts

Gunnamatta Park - where the gumtrees and bayviews and laughter of children in the playground uplift the heart and soothe the soul

Camelia Gardens - a peaceful paradise of plants and waterfalls and ducks and devonshire teas

Local National Parks - where there are numerous bushwalks and special waterholes for an amazing day of positive and joyful energy."

Thank you, Goddess Gail, for your divine inspiration for a life of joy and magic by the sea!

Gail Pisani has been part of the natural therapies industry for over 30 years. Her career credits include establishing and developing Caringbah Healing Centre; the largest and most respected Natural Therapies Clinic in Southern Sydney, and The Premier College, an institution offering nationally recognized courses in natural therapies.

Gail's passion is sharing the gifts of Tantra with the world through her work, Tantric Teachings. She offers yoga, massage, tantra CDs and counselling in Sydneys South. Tel: 0422 643573 Watch this space for details of her workshops, upcoming publications and website!

images of Cronulla: 1 via flickr, 2 via

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