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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mercury Retrograde & Tomorrow's New Moon

IMPORTANT! NOV. 24th- TODAY: With Mercury in retrograde beginning shortly and solar eclipse + new moon in Sagittarius, today please make any decisions you have been putting off. 
Put your plan into action even in just small way by writing it down or taking a first step. 
Activities started in the next 12-15 hours will have much less risk of running into the obstacles Mercury throws up (such as communication glitches, travel plans gone awry, and social gaffes!!) this time round. 
Mercury stays in Retrograde til Dec 14 and we're out of it' effects Jan 1st completely.

Please contact me for an intuitive reading if you'd like to discover personally how your life could be impacted 
and which positive action steps the universe is guiding you to take now to minimise it's effects

dear friends... I popped this on my facebook this morning and want you to know too- wherever you are in the world there is still a few hours left to put plans into place which will make it much easier for you to overcome any obstacles Mercury may throw in you until Jan. 1.  Also... did you know?  Depending on your personal birth chart, Mercury retrograde can be your time to thrive.  You could be one of those very individuals who does better in a downturn than when all's shining on smooth!  

Towards your smooth and shining peace-

with love,



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