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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Powerful Ritual to Break through your Roadblock- FOR 11.11.11 & the waning moon

The Law of Attraction is the law of frequency.  Our vibration attracts it's match in the world around us.

When we're aware- as I know you are!- of the law of attraction, we can be so busy trying to be "up" or positive in our vibration--- that we supress what's underneath--- YET it's what's underneath that is our true vibration and what the world is responding to, not our surface positive thinking or desperate affirmations!  

I know I've done this... been thinking so positively, but inside asking why nothing's going right.  Have you had this experience, too?  Oh dear!  

SO-- what to do to truly lift our energy and start to see the marvellous manifestations we deserve?

Quite simply we can't bottle deep worries, the quiet fears anymore.  We have to bring them out into the open and clear them.  This is an amazingly effective process especially when done at a date and time the universe supports you.  It's the extra THRUST of support we need to step permanently up on the next ladder-rung of vibration.  
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Yes, Samantha, send me the Ritual to destroy my Road-blocks~ 11.11.11 and beyond!:

The date and time for your clearing process, to finally look at and shatter the negative beliefs that are creating a road-block for you, is this Friday, 11th November 2011.
11.11.11.  Ideally in the 11th hour of your local time.

new feedback:
"i just received it and it's awesome!  thanks Samantha!"- Lisa
"got it and Love it!" -Heather
"this is a really lovely ritual, Samantha." -Wendy

NOTE:  now it's beyond 11.11.11 you can STILL use & get great effect this ritual during the waning moon- until 24th November!

Notice it's all about the number 1's.  I invite you to carve out a few minutes at this time for the only person in this world that can change your life for the better- YOU.  I know you are a caring, compassionate and very aware being.  You deserve to clear any underlying thoughts that are getting in your way.

Please add your email in the sign-up box to receive the short, powerful Ritual on Friday that will uncover whats not working for you... and create the space for you to leave it in the past.

Yes, it's completely free.

This short Ritual is powerfully built on the principles of the law of attraction and my training as a master practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy.  I'm newly jazzed from the excellent road-block busting work I learned at Holistic MBA live last week in Philly and can't wait to help you take an amazing step forward.

11.11.11 is too good an opportunity to miss out on to leave your fears behind:  simply, safely & forever. 

Enter your email to receive the Ritual for Friday, below.

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Yes, Samantha, send me the Ritual to destroy my Road-blocks on 11.11.11~ and beyond!:

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