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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Healing with rainbows, butterflies, spirit, knowledge... & love.

Hello, beautiful angels.

...wanted to share with you the most lovely AHA! moment I've recently been through.
As you may be aware, soon I'll be qualified as professional holistic health counsellor with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.
My journey led me here.  
just as All our journeys have led us to where we are right now.

Spirit- mostly angels- and food have been the only constants in my surprising life and this AHA! has been discovering that it is through tying together the two I know I can shine my light most beautifully on the world.

It may have been the amazing experience of Holistic MBA live last week...

Or the recent letter I received from a client back from feng shui days who asked me if "my gifts had moved on"  ie. if I was no longer the psychic intuitive that I was; and so helpful with it, a few years ago... oh, this hurt, angels!

So I've VOWED to no longer stand with my back to the sun- or the Sea.  Ever.  Not in my work as a massage therapist, personal trainer, health counsellor or professional feng shui practitioner.  I'm not clinical.  Nor are my beautiful band of angels- the clients who seek me out wherever I hide on this planet, and call me to share their- Your- inspiring journey.

A clinical approach is not my way of healing.  In my belief, a clinical approach-  in life. in love. in health.  will not work.

It's all spirit. 
We are spirit.
(I'll teach you how to be your own psychic, too.)

So, welcome to spirit-based health and a dream life.
Welcome to my love and support on your journey
Welcome to Angels By The Sea therapy!

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