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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some days you're the Peacock... some days, you're the feather duster.

It was the feather-duster kinda day I was having when we went to the Qatar Superbike championships. A pair of camels (pic right) didn't like my chi (check out the loony one laughing in the background!) and dear Husby captured the very moment before I faceplanted into the poor creatures neck and rolled off into the sand.

There are many feng shui lessons we can take from this. I feel so happy and blessed that neither of us were injured. I feel so happy and blessed to have been a source of such mirth for the camel owner, Husby and a couple of bored folk looking backwards out of the grandstand. I wasn't carrying a Jade stone, which holds ancient properties to protect one from injury after a fall from a horse- but I was wearing an amethyst, and do recommend. Bruised pride was all I suffered.

These creatures aren't horses. I don't know how their mind works (Camels), but a bit like cats, they have an ethereal energy and I'm not sure they'd make loving, faithful and positive companions. When one has such a feather duster moment, all we can do is pick up and dust off! Hope you're feeling like a peacock today...

Do you feel more like the feather duster than the Peacock most days?

Here's a great trick from UK professional hypnotist Paul Mc Kenna to give you a boost of lasting confidence.

Get a picture in your mind of someone who, to you, appears truly confident. It could be an actor or a completely competent person you've always admired.

Imagine their voice saying, "This is what it sounds like to be truly confident."

Now repeat yourself, emulating them: "This is what it sounds like to be truly confident."

Continue practising outloud, using your most confident voice, nicly loud and clear. "THIS is what is sounds like to be TRULY confident."

How do you feel?

Use this technique anytime you feel you're having a feather duster day.

love n blessings,


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