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Friday, February 22, 2008

Feng Shui your way to relocation success

What woman doesn’t wish for herself and her family a smooth transition into a new home? And pray to find herself and those she loves in an environment that feels welcoming, relaxing and healthy? We’ve all visited the kind of house that feels like it hasn’t contained life for eons!

Whether or not you have a choice in the home you move to… whether or not you like the place instantly upon entering, or dread returning to those four walls every day… you will benefit from using feng shui in your new environment. A few simple habits can substantially lift the chi in a negative-feeling living space, and make positive-feeling house extra welcoming. So to make the wish of a smooth transition for yourself and your family come true, follow the guidance below and feng shui your way to relocation success.

Clean and Protect
One of the prerequisites of feeling comfortable in a home is having a feeling of safety. Every environment poses a degree of risk and, as women, we are highly tuned to the different energies that make us feel uneasy. We’re so highly tuned that lingering energy, left behind by previous inhabitants, can give us unexplained “spooks” or feelings of sadness or worry which aren’t necessarily attributed to anything going on in our own life. Using feng shui in your new home space will dispel this, and you’ll find your negative feelings diminish. A great place to start is to clean the whole home from top to bottom, immediately upon moving in. A new mattress, or at least, new bed linen and pillows, is vital for a fresh beginning in a new home. Further, a simple space cleansing technique can ensure a positive new beginning welcomed to you.

Feng Shui By The Sea’s Simple Space Cleanse

To begin, light incense, or a candle, at all entries to your new home. This sets our intention and affirms to the universe our desire to change the energy within the house.
In the four furthest corners of the floorplan, pour a small pile of salt.
Sweep or vacuum the salt up after 7 days, when it will have absorbed all energy left behind by any previous inhabitants of the space.
Take two lemons, cut in half, and place a half in each corner.
Leave the lemons for another seven days (if they begin to mould, its fine to remove them). This purifies the home space.
When you’ve removed the lemons, any problematic energy will have been removed from the house, and you’re free to create your new life without any hindrances.

Create Balance
A comfortable home is one which balances Yin and Yang- polar energies, such as dark and light, or soft and loud- in ancient Chinese philosophy. Many expat environments lack the Yin/Yang balance, being so extreme themselves- take, for example, the dry, flat landscape of the desert, and sand-coloured home you may be living in, or the unrelenting flow of traffic and tangle of glittering skyscrapers you may be surrounded by everyday. So here’s a golden feng shui rule: whatever is outside, recreate an opposite within. If outside is bright and busy, create a sanctuary inside the home, with a room decorated in purples and blues, low lighting and peaceful quiet. If outside is desolate and isolated, inside organise room as your link to the world, with TV, internet and a water feature to keep you company, and keep all manner of good things flowing into your life. In a room such as this, photos of family and helpful friends displayed in metal frames strengthen the energy of communication, and invite positive new interactions. Every member of your family will return to balance more easily with your creation of this polar effect at home.

Make a Hub
Feng Shui teaches us that each family home has a “hub”- a central location where the majority of interaction takes place. Where’s yours? Wherever your family tends to gather, make a note, and in your new residence, create a similar space. “As soon as we walked into the home I loved the dining room table, and pictured lots of family meals,” recalls expat Dianne. “But when my husband and then, the kids, kept ducking back into the kitchen each morning, it was obvious I’d underestimated just how important to our family life the breakfast bar at home had been!” Don’t feel compelled to use rooms for their designated purposes, just because they are there. If your family likes to eat in the kitchen, the dining room could suit another purpose- such as a home office or study area.
A bowl of fruit, such as red and green apples, on display in the “Hub”, generates positive family energy by representing the element Wood. Placing a rug on the floor adds visual warmth and invites relaxation, as well as lending the stability of the element Earth.

Health support
Good health is a pillar of self-confidence, and the challenges of relocation make feeling confident especially important. Although we might loathe the disruption, a move that forces us to change our exercise routine or try new foods is actually a great opportunity to get into new healthy habits. A move to Germany helped expat Renee in this way: “We weren’t used to eating the main meal at lunchtime and all going off in our different directions in the evening. The family supper we’d always enjoyed was just impractical. So when the kids arrived home for lunch, I decided we’d all prepare it and make this our time together. Now, we actually eat lighter and healthier.”

When we feel good, we radiate positive energy that attracts positive people and positive experiences to us. If you’re house-bound or a tad overwhelmed by your new environment, indoor friends can help- plants, especially peace lilies (botanically known as Spathifiphyllum), absorb electromagnetic and other negative energies, and their presence strengthens the element Wood, this time boosting health in Feng Shui philosophy.

Finally, every new place, no matter how barren it may seem, offers fascinating ways of living we can adopt and gain from. Blend home accessories from your new environment with ones you’ve brought with you, and you’ll be surprised at how the successful mix will rub off in all areas of your life. “When rice bowls and chopsticks sit next to my heirloom gravy boat on the table, it reminds me how we sit happily alongside our new culture,” Sue, an expat living in Shanghai, confirms. Local blooms in your favourite vase on display symbolise the integration of your values with the new environment, creating a blend for living in harmony. Happy integration in the home mirrors happy integration in your life. Happy relocation to you, and feng shui blessings on your path.


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