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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How to capture a woman's heart?

I want to share with you a beautiful answer to the question- How do you capture a woman's heart? It's a question from a man craving to win the love of one special woman.

If you're not in a loving relationship right now, begin believing- There's someone you'll want out there looking for somone exactly like you.

See if it touches you like it touched me...

How to capture a woman’s heart?

Let me good to her, listen to her, hold her, be tender, be honest, be open, be brave, be generous (but that doesn’t mean rich), be respectful, have a good sense of humour, look her in the eyes, hold her hand, lie together without having sex, lie together after having sex, believe in her, encourage her, need and want her, tell her you love her and mean it (most women have good bullshit detectors), don’t promise anything you can’t deliver, be good with your hands, be a great kisser (this is more important than you think), tell her she’s beautiful and mean it, write tender notes to her, put your arm around her shoulder or waist when she’s not expecting it, share diverse interests, eat by candlelight often, take her for picnics by the sea or in the mountains or the local park, read to her - not necessarily something schmaltzy...maybe scary or philosophical, remember the little things - and important dates like birthday and the anniversary of the first day you met, photograph her so you can have a picture you visualised in your wallet or on your desk, give her thoughtful presents...not jewels and ritzy stuff...the simpler and sweeter the better, play a guitar and sing to her...give her a copy of a favourite CD so she can listen to it and think of you, dance with one another often...even just at home, make her something...a wooden box...a paper kite...a wire candle holder...a picture frame...a rocking chair, allow your spirit and hers to mingle without pretence, cry when you need to but also stay strong, articulate your emotions and listen while she does the same, surprise her, be skilful in bed without seeming like you’re keeping score, impress her with insight and knowledge, appreciate that intimacy doesn't necessarily mean sex, cook for her sometimes or even more often, don't gloat or put her down, be present and available when she needs you, know how to hold your liquor...that's smart, don’t do drugs...they're stupid, know how to defend her, don’t drive like a like she’s the most precious cargo in the world, do cerebral things together like visiting galleries...going to lectures...hanging out in great bookshops, watch TV together scrunched up close on the couch, share a pet...a fish...a dog...a cat, take holidays together that are different from run of the mill...walking in flea market crawl around a great city, don’t let her annoying little isms get to you...they’re an essential part of the whole, understand that sometimes she just needs to be alone...and it has nothing to do with you, be rock-solid...but be unpredictable, too...not always an easy one but it’s all about balance, tell her what you’re thinking when there’s a problem between you...talking is almost always better than silence, love her for who and what she is...not for what you think she might become, be committed to and proud of what you do and how you conduct your life, and possess a moral compass.

-from the wonderful

Did your energy resonate with this? Did you realise how beautiful, how soft, gentle, reasonable you are? Did you realise it'll take a real person to capture your heart, and that's what you're waiting for?

He's waiting, too.

Someone out there, wants you.

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