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Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome, Year of the Rat!

Welcome, year of the Rat! Rats are a water sign, and the reflective quality of a Rat year makes this a wonderful time to dream, get a picture of where we would like to see ourselves in 2008 and beyond, and begin taking steps towards fulfillment of the picture. Creating a sacred space to meditate, chill out and listen to music or read in privacy is a must-do this year, if you don’t already have a little corner of the home especially designated to “you”! We'll find emotions run pretty close to the surface, and we'll want to have our own space to journal, vent by singing or indulge in any other artistic tendency that may arise. Decorate your space in rich, warming hues, and get a special candle to support and quieten your mood whenever you're present here.
A Rat year brings us renewed energy to direct towards our finances, and- great news- you could find it’s easier to save money, with a little going a lot further than it did in 2007. Do form a clear picture of an accomplishment or two you would like to have under your belt by this time next year… small actions daily taken towards an inspiring vision you have of your life will really stack up this year. Goals for improvements in fitness, friendships, and workplace progression are all supported favourably by universal energy in 2008; so set your target, and go for it! Ask for what you want and you’ll likely find you get it. Fortune favours the clear-minded in the Year of the Rat.

Chinese Horoscope 2008- What the Year of the Rat will bring to you!

It's great for Love if you're a Pig, Sheep or Rabbit
Those born in the year of the Pig, Sheep and Rabbit have excellent marriage prospects, due to the attraction of Yang Earth energy in 2008 to their Yin Water energy. Especially if you are already in a happy partnership, this is a great year to get married, as you can expect preparation and plans to go smoothly. A happy union is assured if a person born under one of these animal signs marries another (Pig, Sheep or Rabbit).

Unexpected Blessings for Rats, Dragons and Monkeys- your good luck continues, and improves
Rats, Dragons and Monkeys can expect a powerful year ahead. Good fortune has your name on it and will track you down, even if you do not do anything to change your current habits. You may have noticed your luck changing for the better over the last 12 months already, and you can expect more of the same, as the presence of the element water strengthens continually through 2008.

Placid Snakes and Independent Horses shine through
A word of caution to both Snakes and Horses. Snakes are best to avoid disputes this year, for the ancient Chinese have a saying that a Rat at war can kill a Snake in a vicious fight. Lay low, serpents, as the energy this year won't back you in an argument. No less worrisome is the saying that Rat droppings eaten (accidentally or otherwise) by a Horse will kill it; so, advice in 2008 to those born in the Year of the Horse is to not take on problems created by those born in the year of the Rat, lest your own personal fortune or health be damaged.

Dogs and Tigers, tread with care
Using logic and reasoning in the Year of the Rat is advised for both Dogs and Tigers, who may find that decisions made in the heat of the moment or passionate outbursts don’t work to help you get what you want, as they may have in 2007. Lucky stars in your finances are indicative that you’ll end the year better off than you are now.

Promotion and progression for Oxen and Roosters
Finally, those born in the year of the Rooster and the Ox can expect no major disruptions or strokes of massive fortune, with happy exception possible on your lucky days. Rat energy blends harmoniously with Roosters and Oxen, and can enhance business or work associates, so if you are born in these animal years, expect favourable winds at the workplace in 2008.

Harmony, Prosperity and Success at Home in 2008.
With flying Star feng shui

As the Year of the Rat enters, it’s time for the energy of your home to change again, and by making a few simple changes you can ensure good fortune is welcomed to your door!

You will need in your home in 2008:
A water feature (or a glass vase filled with fresh flowers)
Something made of gold, or gold-coloured (like a photo frame or gold-painted bowl)
Something coloured purple- (some ornamental grapes, a painting or a rug, for instance)
Semi-precious stones- Clear Quartz, citrine and rose quartz (if you must substitute, small glass objects in clear, yellow and pink can be used).

For Harmony:
Using the colour purple to enhance the West and South East areas of your home this year strengthens luck in love and positively improves communication for everyone in the house. Place a Rose Quartz and a symbol of happy partnership in the Centre of your home this year, to activate the Romance star, encouraging love to enter and blossom in your life.

For Prosperity:
To improve money luck this year, place a quartz crystal, and a water feature in the East of your home (where the morning sun appears from). A golden-coloured object and a Citrine (yellow quartz) stone in the North will also activate prosperity chi in 2008.

For Success:
The unlucky sector of every building changes to the South in 2008. Avoid, if you can, all major renovations and loud noise in this area of the home. To protect your health, try not to sleep with the top of your head pointed to this direction, and avoid sleeping in a bedroom in the South area of your home.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy New Year, and may peace and prosperity be your constant companions in 2008.

Samantha Honey is a feng shui expert originally from Sydney. Her business, Feng Shui By The Sea in the Gulf, specializes in creating interiors that are full of comfort and good energy, for expats in the Middle East. Visit her website at, or call her on +974 5044768 for a chat on how to welcome more harmony, prosperity and success to your home.

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