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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bonkers for Bamboo

A funny thing to be crazy for on a Sunday. Do you know how fantastically good feng shui bamboo is?
This wonder plant is excellent for almost every area. If only I knew back then what I knew now... when I was growing up, Mum would complain bitterly about the neighbours bamboo sprouting up on our side of the fence (she cultivates a traditional English country garden in Melbourne's suburbs). The fast-growing giant bamboo represented a serious threat to our french lavender - and I remember, the more we tried to pull out the stray sprouts, the tougher they'd grow back...
It's these very characteristics of resilience and longevity that make bamboo such a beneficial plant to have in your home and garden. There is so much information in feng shui on how bamboo is wonderful in almost every area, and depending on where it's placed, can bring good health and flexibility in old age, wealth protection and accumulation, fertility (the curly, decorative stalks are excellent for this) and loyal friendships to a home.
Have to tell you, the negative energy we directed towards our neighbours' bamboo jungle has stuck with me somewhat, and though I'm a big fan of it in a pot or strategically positioned in an oriental garden, bamboo placed just anywhere and left to race to the sun can look haphazard and junky. "Haphazard" and "junky" in feng shui results in chi directed at all angles, and you'll not be able to benefit from the naturally good feng shui the plant represents. So if bamboo's in your garden, keep it as it's meant to be kept. Elegant. Inobtrusive. Controlled. It wasn't called one of "the four Gentlemen of the Garden" by the ancient sages for nothing!
But there's another way to bring the brilliant benefits of feng shui to your abode. It's bamboo as a choice for sustainable flooring. It magnificently invites positive, healthy, wealth chi into a home. The low sheen allows this chi to meander around with smooth flow, and the variety of shades will suit the taste of the most single-themed home. What's more- it's ecologically sound, so good karma!- double the feng shui benefit.
A great product, I have seen in use is the formaldehyde free Plyboo in the US-
but I'm not sure if it's avalable down under. I had a quick look around and here's a local company that is sure to help if you need further information:
Why not make it an objective to bring some bamboo into your life this May?
And- if you needed another reason- for those in long-distance relationships or whose spouses live or travel overseas- it also represents fidelity.
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