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Friday, May 9, 2008

Feng Shui & How to lose a Bad Habit, for good

This hint may seem a little controversial; but it will be one of the most freeing mind-tricks you'll ever play on yourself. Please understand, I'm not saying you shouldn't be on time to your appointments or stop losing your temper, if you've got these tendencies. What I am saying is- whatever bad habit you might have, you're making way too big a deal of it. And once you realise this, you'll free up an incredible amount of mental energy.

There is far too much energy directed towards our "badness" in life. We're told that if we didn't do this, we could have this; and we must be this sort of person to have this sort of existence. We must give up, quit, and abstain from doing XYZ before anything good can come to us!

But... this kind of thinking is self-defeating. Habits are just tendencies which we lean into regularly. We are not our bad habits!

Repeat after me: "I am not my dusty house, or my love of M&M's"

"I am NOT my dusty house, or my love of M&M's! I am not my smoking/drinking/oversleeping tendency!"

Have you ever tried to break a bad habit? Thinking "I must not do this anymore, I will not do this!" is doomed to fail, because we are inherently attracting just the thing we don't want in our life anymore through the power of our focus.

So, try this wonderful new energy trick for peace of mind. Accept your bad habit. Instead of all that wasted energy of trying to quit doing it-when you just can't hold off anymore, recognise you're choosing to do it. You're choosing to do it! And so, you must want to do it, on some level.

Now, leave that alone. A bad habit doesn't make you a bad person, and doesn't stand in the way of the beautiful life you deserve. Put it out of your mind. Get on with your day. Get on with creating your best life.

You're bigger than any of your habits or tendencies. Think bigger, and watch positive energy flow to the things you really want in life.

One of the most peace-enhancing habits I have formed in the past few years is to live with anything that could be called in me, a"Bad Habit".

Remember, "what you focus on, grows!" I'm focusing on the good stuff! And since then, there's been so much more good to focus on. I invite you to join me!

P.S. Guess what the gift of the universe really is, when we've got good at doing this? That's right... you'll find your bad habit's been left behind, easily and permanently.



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