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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wellbeing Group, Doha

On Thursday, May 22 in the morning, we will be holding a 'think tank' to form a well-being, or mind/body/spirit group in Doha.

Should you feel drawn, I invite you so we can gather ideas together and have a regular networking group.

Please call me on 5044768 for time & location!

"Very often, I find that lightworkers feel stuck because they believe their purpose requires some elaborate condition that seems overwhelmingly complicated, time-consuming, or expensive. A lot of lightworkers think that they need more education, money, or time before they can help others. Some feel that they need to quit their current job, leave their marriage, or make major life changes, before they can fulfill their life's purpose.

Yet... we don't need to completely change ourselves or our lives before we can help others. We don't necessarily need to have formal teaching, advanced education, or a fully healed life to lend assistance to other people. We merely need to be centered and at peace, and these are... qualities that are eternally inherent within everyone."

- Doreen Virtue



1 comment:

Ahmed said...

so how was Qatar trip did you enjoy it? i just read it now but i guess its too late to call isn't?