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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boumi & Feng Shui: The Silk Road meets the East...

The Silk Road met the East today in Doha
near the Mariott hotel.

We had a great number of ladies looking at the wonderful Boumi range of table linens... and deciding which to bring into their homes to create good energy at their next dinner party.

You see, we had five tables set. Earth, laden with burnt-amber, aubergine and sunrise colour linens to bring stability and relationship harmony to a home...

Wood, a casual-feel table, with greens and chocolate linens, to strenghten family & health energy on a dining table...

Water, with sea-blue, beaded round placemats, embroidered runners and white linen, perfect for entertaining work colleagues or increasing abundance...

Metal (my personal favourite), with gold and silver beaded coasters, pearl coloured napkins and placings, topped with a silver candelabra for excellent communication and fun times,

and Fire, bright red linens, or burgundy, to perfect the romance chi on a table-for-two.

The Boumi Cushion covers were irresistible. The energy of the Afghan women's handiwork make these pieces a warm and welcoming addition to any home.

Thank you to all you ladies who visited for the insightful conversations! Your crystals will bless your homes.

I loved the energy surrounding Karen, Boumi, and her support of the ladies in Afghanistan. Feng Shui By The Sea wishes her excellent luck with her new commercial project in Dubai.

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