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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Feng Shui By The Pool

Ahh! Margarita in hand, juicy novel in the other (Everyone worth Knowing, by Lauren Weisberger), a delicious 32 degree sunshiny day bearing down and the afternoon stretches, long and lazy ahead.

Into my mind float pictures of people I love- Husby hard at work right this minute, friends and family in wet Melbourne and blustery Sydney, female friends, delicate as flowers hiding out in air-conditioned Arabia. I wish they were here.

UH-OH. What's wrong with this statement? If you picked up that it makes me feel kind of bad- you've got it in one. Today, a niggling voice i thought I'd long since left behind whispers in my ear, What have you done to deserve such glorious relaxation?

I turn up the ipod. Drown that voice out! But I still feel uncomfortable. Thinking how tired husby will be, and I've just been relaxing all day... should get writing those postcards...

STOP. As we think, so we attract. This is nowhere near peace of mind. These negative thoughts will create a negative experience. You know how to solve this problem. Okay. Deep breath. Inner self, please guide me.

Inner self: Thank you for inviting me! How do you feel right now?

Me: A little... guilty that I'm surrounded by so much luxury.

Inner self: Okay. How do you want to feel?

Me: I want to feel happy. Pleasant. Content. Deserving. As f I'm making a difference, just sitting here by the pool! I want to feel as if everything is going right. As if everything is going to be alright.

Inner self: That's a great intention! So what thoughts could you begin to think that could make you feel better?

Me: Well... I guess I could think about all the socialites in St Tropez, and heiresses that haven't done anything more than me to deserve an incredible lifestyle, plus they get to do it every day. But that still makes me feel bad. I like feeling deserving.

Inner Self: Hmm. The universe couldn't have delivered this unless you were in vibrational harmony with it; therefore, you always get exactly what you deserve...

Samantha, haven't you learnt to open your arms to ALLOW all the abundance the universe offers, and ask for more, knowing you will never be put in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that everything happens for a reason? Don't you fiercely hold on to your right to squeeze the happiest juice from any situation? You know, you can never "eat little enough to feed all the hungry people in the world!" and "the greatest gift you can bring to this world is your authentic happiness."

Me: Hey, that's right! I've arrived here for a reason, and I do feel so blessed. I am glad one of us is taking advantage of these beautiful facilities. I am so grateful I can sit here and send warm, positive, healing energy to everyone I love and everyone on my prayer list. I am so glad I have this struggle and can share the solution and begin to feel better. I hope that I can inspire others to come sit out by the pool and taste a delicious drink and enjoy this beautiful day. I know this will make me feel so relaxed and loving all afternoon and evening. I really feel as if being out here is taking advantage of the gifts the universe is giving me. Wow, I feel so good, and so positive, and so deserving now! This emotion is creating a beautiful future for me! Thank you, inner being!

It's our peace of mind that creates the feng shui, isn't it?

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