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Friday, August 8, 2008

Welcome to the richest day of the year!

Buy a lottery ticket, and make sure it contains lots of 8's! Today, 8.08.08, has amazing feng shui numerology for prosperity & abundance.

Hence the reason why tonight in Bejing, the Olympics will start at 8.08pm. In Chinese language and many dialects (Cantonese included) the number eight sounds like the word for "wealth". Two 8s (88) also look like the popular Chinese lucky symbol, the Double-Happiness.

This beautiful image comes from the website of Lucy Deslandes, Australian feng shui artist, and is perfectly put together to enhance the Wealth area of a home. Her art here, depicting eight gold fish and one black, is a traditional and very powerful enhancer of wealth energy. It's placement in the South East (in simplest feng shui, the closest right hand corner to the front door) of a home with these other objects will empower a living environment to welcome harmony and abundance.

Click on the picture to visit her site and feast your peepers on beautiful feng shui art. True abundance for the senses!

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