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Monday, August 18, 2008

You only live once. Live here.

feng is blowing wildly through the palms and torrents of shui is falling from the sky here in south Florida.

no matter! I have happy memories of a sunny weekend just passed... and a delicious magazine to read. Click on the below to escape with me...

"Stay. If you think you have to leave your favorite island to return to your "real life," let us say with the utmost respect ... you're utterly wrong. This could be your real life -- a barrier reef outside your front door, a wallaby in your backyard, a vacation smile always on your face. Backing us up are 10 stories from expatriates that you're about to read as well as our own research into the best islands for inviting culture, enviable weather and available real estate. For any age, any career, any family, there is a perfect island to live on."


our picture of Palm Beach on Thursday...

and another, found on

These ice-cream and sorbet colours can help us to feel a summery glow whatever the weather. If you're in deep winter now, you know what to do ;) .

i.e-Go Get Some Ice-Cream!
coconut, banana, or espresso for me, cherry ripple for husby- what's Your favourite?


Kei said...

Hi there,

Your blog is very unique and well written. :)

Please take a look at mine if you get a chance.

Samantha Honey said...

Hi Kei,

Thanks for the compliment! I read with interest many of your posts. I wish we were in contact when I was in Qatar!
It's good to be able to understand that many Qataris experience the same frustrations as expats. I never really felt that friendly towards iloveqatar... but your blog is a real gem. love, Samantha.