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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter, and Happy News

Hi there, are you looking forward to a long weekend? The thoughts we've been thinking this week include...

An unhappy journey can't lead to a happy
ending. Follow your

Whatever lights us up inside is part of our life's glorious

Only you know how you feel; so only you can
decide which thought to
choose to make yourself feel better.

And the news... We've got the Prac!

Bit of background... you see, I've been seeking a good-energy fitness
environment to complete the practical element of my recent studies here on the Gold
Coast. I felt a little apprehensive, as to whether I'd get the neccessary hours, as I've got limited time left in Australia before returning to the UK...

But then, my dominant vibration became excited. Time Is flexible, and my time here is. I pictured completing my training in the Gold Coast hinterland, and helping just the types of individuals I do with feng shui with life coaching, nutrition and fitness, under Australia's best guidance.

And I was completely drawn to the world-renowned:

The Golden Door



organic retreats.

Owing to some very special people in these exquisite
places... dates have opened up, schedules have been shifted and I am
able to complete my Personal Training Certificate IV by helping clients in both these
two best health retreats in Australia.
It's energy, intention, knowing that's making a difference here. Not
action. Put the intention in place... and the manifestation duly appears.

Happy Easter to you! Blessings for some lovely time enjoying your favourite things, this week-end.


PS If you are visiting one of these health spas soon, I can't wait to meet you! Bring a floorplan- we'll feng shui your house!

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