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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feng Shui for Distance Love

It's hard to be away from the one you love. I'm meeting more and more people who share their life with someone they love very much... but who lives far away. Does the one you love tavel often or live away? Do you find life difficult without them?

I've always believed in "keeping on keeping on" when life's circumstances present themselves in a less than ideal way. Keeping focused on brighter times ahead, with remedies in place to make the most of what seems to be dark days. And when Husby's not near me, keeping in touch at regular times of the day, and going to bed very early or very late, so as to stay one step ahead of those night-time ghosts of loneliness, become regular activities.

Yet after weeks or months.. or a few days of missed calls or missed events we would have loved to share, being together-apart can get the better of any lover! When you really feel down about the absence of your beloved, here are some feng shui remedies to draw th love of your home around you like his arms, and will speed your way to being together soon.

  • Images of flying birds can literally lift our spirits and represent different feelings of love. Faithfulness, family, self-sacrifice, one love/one life are symbols of birds such as ducks, swans and pelicans. I have a notecard of two kookaburras together on a tree branch to channel this same energy :))
  • Feng Shui for love flowers- Peonies- like this picture from the fun blog Smitten- inspire a happy marriage and loving partnership. They can attract a new lover or bring back an old one. Their energy will help you whether they are fresh, silk or depicted in artwork.

We don't have to travel very far to find acts of bravery of faith. We may not even have to travel outside ourselves. When we keep the fire of love flickering cheerily in our hearts when our lover is far away, and anticipate often in our imagination the joy of being together again, we're activating the Law of Attraction and very soon, we'll be enjoying real and tangible love energy again in our life.
blessings to you!

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