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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why your home could be repelling love.

Where's the Love in your home?

Why your home could be repelling love.

Do a walk through of your home and ask yourself “Where is the love?” You may feel especially comfortable and other people comment positively about your bathroom, for instance, because you love your bathing ritual, and have made the room an especially nice space to be in. Our homes are blueprints of our personalities and show us exactly what we enjoy doing. But if this bathroom isn’t in your love direction, and the kitchen is, and you despise its layout, and spend as little time in there as possible, this negativity will express itself in the corresponding area of your life! Oh dear, what to do? It’s a walk through, asking yourself where is, and where isn’t the love in your home. If there is a room you dislike spending time in, consider how you could make it a more attractive place to be- by bringing in a plant or useful appliances, adding a splash of colour to the walls or burning a candle there regularly. Create love in every room of your home, and watch the love grow in your life.

- from Feng Shui By The Sea's June 2008 cheat sheet

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