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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bright blessings for 2011!

I wish you a wonderful 2011
 filled with beauty, love and peace.

There was much laughter when we visited our local chinese restaurant last night to pick up some dinner and greeted them, "Gong Xi Fa Cai!"  Chinese New Year this year will be Feb 3, so we were a little early, but the sentiment was not lost!  In keeping with Chinese New Year Tradition, yesterday's Jan 1st saw us do no housework (yipppeee) and no using of knives or scissors (which could cut the good fortune of the new year...) Instead, we ate lots of those little gold coins from Christmas and finished a big bowl of satsumas.  From the Mandarin we brought home fish, and rice, both also considered auspicious to eat to welcome in a new year of abundant health and prosperity.

I feel very excited and hopeful of this year to come- with many personal dreams and aspirations as well as lots of desires for Feng Shui By The Sea.  Imminently I'll be offering workshops in Doha and our small new studio for private consulting will open here on the Isle of Man. 

I hope to see you this year, and be part of your continuing path of joy and peace.  Thank you for visiting.  Feel free to share your dreams and aspirations for 2011 below!

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