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Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to tread water: thoughts on a day

:I feel very lucky that you are reading this.  There are many healing places on the web, and yet you are spending your precious time on my blog, perhaps looking for a solution, perhaps gently treading around your question, knowing that in your own time, with just the right information, you will reach an "Ah ha!" moment.

We are all healers, but none of us do the healing- we simply let healing be. Haven't you been asked to step into the dark space of someone's life?  They don't ask for things to be fixed.  But with your fresh perspective, you bring the cool, blue light of truth to the situation.  And then your friend can see there's no monsters under the bed after all.

Lay your hands on me...

I think part of my calling here is to be asked to shine a cool, blue light of truth- often just at the cusp of when a friend is about to include those monsters as their own.  I believe it's a thick line, not a thin one, that turns ideas we harbour into ideas that manifest and create negativity in our life.  It's actually hard to make bad things happen.  But the more you practise the thinking about it...

So if you keep thinking habitually, there may be something wrong with your place...
Or something in your life is making your body rebel, or you don't feel quite comfortable...
You are so clever, you will eventually find a reason
or we can get it out in the open, and heal it together.

here if you need!

Just a little aloha of two lovely tricks I use, that help:

One is the rose quartz shield, in public places or when I am attracting attention. 
Picture yourself swathed in a pale pink glow of light, softly pulsating and nourishing.  This is your positivity cocoon, for only love can enter here.  You are safe, and all interactions are gentle, and beautiful.

The other is the Cutting of Cords, when I feel someone has attached psychic energy or hooks into me;
Picture the strong and infinitely supportive Archangel Michael standing behind you with a large pair of silver scissors.  Say, "please Archangel Michael, remove this resistance from me," and watch him cut the cords from your back swiftly and smoothly.  Feel the lightness and freedom you have now to continue your journey.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep:  I wish tonight for health in the beautiful state of Queensland and for its people.  I wish tonight for health for Billy and Nancy and for balance and unexpected good turns for dear clients I am holding in my heart as I prepare your reports.  I turn my wishes and the intentions of my heart, he actions of my hands, to you, my Universe.

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