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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter feng shui, TV & workshop news

Before Christmas, Husby and I were excited to be asked by House Hunters International if we would share the story of our Expat relocation with them as part of their new tv series.  They were especially interested in how we find living on a windswept rock in the middle of the Irish Sea, which is home to more gulls than people (and the gulls can be bigger than an average person, here!) with life in bubbly Sydney- and all the other cities we've called home in between.  And how we chose our home, according to feng shui.

Husby is a much more private person than me, but we spent a few days filming our submission for the show in the lead up to christmas.  It was a magical time of year- so much snow had fallen, it was truly the white Christmas I'd heard and only sang songs about as a kid growing up in Australia!  Though any of us can go skiing somewhere or travel someplace snowy for Christmas, when it's knee-deep outside your new home on Christmas eve, you really understand what the cheer and goodwill is all about!

Watch this space as to whether we'll be gracing a telly in front of you soon!

Many thanks must go here to Husby- though he continues to rip my Chi  (see remember the bad feng shui, here?, and here, for old times sake) he does enjoy the way of it, holding steadfast to the knowledge that I know it's good for us, so that's good enough for him, too.

This year I'm excited to be doing some workshops with Six Senses Spa- Sharq Village.  Are you in Doha late February?  Then I hope to see you there!  More news soon

love and blessings, & thank you for sharing

PS  It may be twelfth night tomorrow, but don't be in too much of a hurry to put all your festive lights away.  Pop them into an empty glass vase and keep them lit all the rest of this month- very good in the South, to ensure your fame & reputation energy is positive, or in the north west, to keep those kind visitors dropping by.

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