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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sweet change

I have never felt so good.
I feel lighter, and fresher.
I can't wait to wake up in the morning and make preparations for a new day

I have lost a kilo, somewhere, from years of being the same (healthy) weight for me- and it feels good to be a little bit slimmer, a little bit more toned, with a hundred times more energy.

Last night I went for a walky-run, very late.  
(we have had blissful weather this past week on the Isle of Man- warm days with fresh breezes but not blow-your-socks-off-the-line as per your average IOM wind) 
At the end, I sat on the wall looking into Port Erin Bay.  
(A few pretty sailboats have docked up here of late for the sunshine, their little lights atop mast and cabin lights on below made me feel mellow.  They were looking at our beautiful promenade, string of lights switched on.  People last night had their windows open, sitting reading, or in the company of their lovely large tv, or in chat with their loved one and/or at laptop)
Sitting on this wall, listening to the waves lick the shore, rhythmically, it was a moment of true blessedness.  Complete luxury.

And an amazing thing I noticed- have checked and re-checked, yup, it's really true- is that... I have completely lost my sweet tooth.  Everything tastes sweet to me- in a true energy type of way, like the way I first began to read the energies that governed a room in feng shui.  quick example: I have onions and peppers in the oven now, roasting- I knew they are not done yet, for I recognised they've not released their inherent sweetness.  And my favourite 'sweet' of all, splenda- is just- a mouth violation.

Does this mean anything to you?  To me this is a major health shift- like, plates- platelets? :) shifting.

I will explain how this relates to feng shui and what's the cause later- unless, dear and clever friends- you do see the link and know where this is going, already.

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