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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Yin Yang life: Being vs. Doing

Hello from beautiful Fintry, Scotland...

Bloom where you're planted
- and enjoy your journey today!

"There seem to be two realities operating (for people): a transcendent reality and a conventional reality. Some of us concentrate more on the conventional and get tunnel vision: What do I need to do to reach my career goals? To take care of my family? We get wrapped up in the material realm as though that's all there is.  Others of us who are transcendentally inclined, who focus on inner work and higher spiritual aspirations, subtle realms and all of that, fundamentally want to escape from the demands of the everyday world. As I point out in the third gateway (chapter), 'Energize Your Body,' some of us want to travel out of our bodies before we've even gotten into them.

"We were born into physical bodies, into the material realm, and given challenges, for a reason: not to escape physical life, this reality, but to experience it fully and to learn the lessons it offers. For those of us who ask, ‘Shall I leave everything to God, or shall I take personal responsibility for my life and choices?’ the answer is, 'both.' As a Sufi sage once said, ‘Trust in God but tie your camel.’ In other words, keep your head in the clouds but your feet on the ground."

Except from an article about Dan's book: “Everyday Enlightement

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