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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Count these blessings!

Hi beautifuls!  As I'm still piecing together our week in Italy and it's gorgeous meal-lessons, I wanted to remind you of a great way to improve your everyday.  It's the act of Gratitude.  Do you know, it's been so thoroughly proven that an attitude of  GRATITUDE increases general well-being that the exercise of a Gratitude journal is part of course curriculum taught by Dr Tal Ben-Shahar at Harvard University?  Yup, Harvard, that's right!  But how often do we forget to count our blessings, and instead dwell upon the one or two bug-bears we carry along with us?  Let me help you become a happier person this minute by sharing 3 things I'm so blessed by, that I know you share, too!  Join me to count to 3, according to studies, it's all you need daily to start feeling more optimistic on a regular basis...
1.  Eyesight.  Wow.  It's a miracle.  How lucky are we to see and share this beautiful world with the miracle of sight??
the sublime Tagliatelle au Ragu- a dish tradizionale of Bologna
2.  A comfortable space to write to you... with the amazing invention of electricity for lighting, heat and power, a lovely computer and the incredible tool that is the WWW

3.  The power of DESIRE.  What are you hungry for right now?  Water?  Connection?  Understanding?  A big hug?  Sunshine on your body?  

"The door to the future is made of our Visions & Expectations.  Desire is the key we hold which unlocks it."

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