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Friday, June 3, 2011

Selling your home with Feng Shui

Having difficulty selling your home?  Here's a remedy from the black hat and compass schools of feng shui- and a little bit of activation with the Law of Attraction-  which I have helped clients implement with great success!

"To sell your home with feng shui, get a photo of it in an advertisement, and paste it to a red piece of paper or cardboard.  Write "sold" or place a sold sticker over it, and be sure to feel confident and happy as you do so.  You can even plan how you're going to celebrate the sale! 

Place the picture in the South of the home.  In this area should also be a mirror, ideally round, with a gold frame.  Green leafy plants and lighting candles (best number: nine) here also activates the powerful fire element to encourage change.  Next, in the North West, place pictures of your angels, deity, or spiritual beliefs, any crystals you have, a bamboo or metal windchime, and pretty flowering plants. 

Activating the South and the North west simultaneously helps the home pass into wonderful new hands in a very blessed way.

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