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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A baker's dozen of balance & beauty

13 ways to beautify & balance your life in 2012
(I call it our feng shui baker's dozen!)
i'm up for the challenge ~join me?

January~  bring down the festive decorations, leaving a set of twinkly lights up to warm and cheer you on the dark days.
pic from gorgeous blog "Cecilia's in Reading"

February~  throw out any chipped plates or higgedly-piggeldy crockery bits.  Get yourself a beautiful mug to encourage everyday elegant comfort.

March~  wash your windows with vinegar and water to let the light in.  Spritz through your home with essential oils dissolved in spring water to oust old energy.

April~  bring in some potted herbs to the kitchen and experiment with their delicious, fresh tastes.

May~  Hang a windchime outside your window to catch the breeze and make you smile.

June~  pop on your summery bedspread, and re-arrange your bedroom for a fresh holiday feeling.

pic from "sussex sea"
July~  Go barefoot- many times.  Visit the sea.

August~  Learn something new, and share it.  A joke.  A handstand.  Craft.  A poem.

September~  Go somewhere you've never been before.  Count the butterflies you see.

October~  Bake a new cake.  Get great at it.  Give it away.  Often.

November~  Wear a cosy hat.  Climb a big hill.

December~  Cook for friends, and let them cook for you.  Share the leftovers.

January~  Make friends with a new animal.  Stargaze.
why, it's the owl and the pussycat!  image from somewhere i did not note, je m'excuse...

Monthly challenge~  Discover someone's dream.  Help to make it come true.

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