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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our first Full Moon of 2012- tomorrow

Tomorrow's Full Moon- the Wolf Moon- brings us to a powerful pause in our beautiful manifestations this year.

We get a chance to push the pause button.  Do you get that?
It's our chance to go back to those lucid days just before and after Christmas, when time was a little bit softer, like icing not yet set on a cake, we could prod it see if it made sense.

Sunday. Monday.  Prod your new year.  Your dreams and desires.  See if they make sense.

The Wolf moon is so named because at this lean, hungry time in the history of the native american indians, the wolves would come close to the campsites and howl at the full moon.  It must have been a fearful time for them.  Yet also, strangely comforting.  Mammals drawing close for warmth, acknowledging a force neither of them understood.  The Moon still controls our tides, the efficacy of our medicines, our womanly cycle.  Do we understand it?  No.  By watching, observing, waiting, we can learn.

The appearance, presence or memory of Wolf as an animal in your life is recognised to bestow upon you the gift of teacher of spirit.

I invite you.
Examine how the medicine of the Wolf relates to you at this time.  How do you need to share your gift of the sacred and the spiritual with your pack?  What do you see, that they don't?  What must be said, for your peace and their protection?

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