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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finding What was Lost

"My angels are old women with dark skin and long grey hair. Some have eyes of light. The eyes of others are bottomless pools of darkness that lead to inner worlds. They have come to me in my dreams for years. In that time of forsaking myself it took them a couple of years to get one clear message through the fog of my disorientation. When I finally heard them, I was startled.

“Get out of here now!” they whispered. “Wake up! Your house is on fire.”

And I awoke in a smoke-filled dream and finally moved to save my life.
I am making my way back to all I ever wanted with my whole being: God, the awareness that is in all things. Back to the kiss I wanted with my whole life, the scent of what has always been home, the Sacred Mystery."
-excerpt from Oriah Mountain Dreamer's, "Finding what was lost"

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